The Best Graphics Card For The Money

We have a winner, but this was by far our closest vote ever. The NVIDIA GTX 770 beat out the R9 280X by a mere 67 votes, and on the low end of the poll, the GTX 780 trumped the HD 7950 by just 15. Funny that there was so much backlash about this vote being pointless when it was the most heavily contended race so far,… »11/06/13 11:15am11/06/13 11:15am


What's The Best Graphics Card For The Money?

Let's just say that your hour has come again... to vote on the best gear with your fellow Kotakuites. Today's topic: graphics cards, but not just any graphics card, and not the most powerful graphics card. We're looking for the best GPU bang for your buck. With Battlefield 4 in hand and next-gen consoles around the… »10/29/13 1:15pm10/29/13 1:15pm

NVIDIA's Most Powerful Graphics Technology Just Got Much More Affordable

When NVIDIA debuted video cards featuring its powerful Kepler architecture earlier this year, PC gamers around the world stood up and cheered. Then they got quiet when they realized their only options were the $500+ GTX 680 card or the GTX 690, packing dual-Kepler graphics processing units for around $1,000. »8/16/12 9:15am8/16/12 9:15am

Putting AMD's Budget-Friendly Radeon HD 7700 Starting Lineup to the Test

Having covered the $549 and $449 territories in January with the Tahiti-based Radeon HD 7970 »2/15/12 3:00pm2/15/12 3:00pm and HD 7950, AMD is bringing its latest generation GPU to mainstream brackets today. The new Radeon HD 7770 and 7750 use the same 28nm design process and Graphics Core Next (GCN) architecture as the 7000 series flagship,…