Player Photographs Recreate GTA Vice City in GTA V

The Snapography crew is currently running a Snapmatic photography competition within GTA V, challenging players to recreate the spirit of Vice City within Los Santos, spotted by VG247. The responses have been pretty impressive. » 2/12/15 7:30am 2/12/15 7:30am

Alec Baldwin Turned Down The Chance To Be In Grand Theft Auto

Alec Baldwin, he of 30 Rock, Hunt For Red October and Beetlejuice fame, was once offered an "incomprehensible amount of money" to lend his voice to a Grand Theft Auto game. And he » 10/30/13 3:00am 10/30/13 3:00am

News Anchor Randomly Drops Expert GTA Reference

There’s a time and a place to drop some Grand Theft Auto knowledge, and apparently that time is when you’re an anchor on the local news. » 7/24/13 3:30pm 7/24/13 3:30pm

Grand Theft Auto Meets The Simpsons

Hey. It's artist Dan Luvisi again. Three times in one year? It's worth it, because Grand Theft Otto - mashing the Simpsons and Vice City - is what it is. Awesome. » 5/27/13 10:30pm 5/27/13 10:30pm

A Visual History of Attractive Video Game Characters: The 00s

The first years of the new millennium brought us the seventh generation of video game consoles, and with that came a whole new family of attractive men and women. With new evolutions, this decade introduced the start of increasingly realistic-looking characters. » 5/02/13 8:21pm 5/02/13 8:21pm

The 13 Movies That Inspired Vice City's Perfect 1980s

Rockstar's 2002 classic Vice City remains so popular today as much for its bottling of mid-80s culture and excess as it does the actual game. » 1/10/13 12:30am 1/10/13 12:30am

Grant Crime Auto: Ice City Now Available on the Amazon App Store. Wait,…

I refuse to believe for a single second that any of the reviews under Amazon's Grant Crime Auto: Ice City listing actually paid $3.99 for such an obvious fake. I cannot afford to have my faith in human intelligence damaged any further. » 1/09/13 1:55pm 1/09/13 1:55pm

Lazlow Saved Grand Theft Auto's Radio Station Master Recordings from…

Lazlow Jones co-wrote the radio scripts for all the Grand Theft Auto games (save Chinatown Wars, of course) going back to III, and appears as a radio personality in all of the games. He also, evidently, has all of the master copies of the recordings. In his home. Which is on Long Island. Or, well, a barrier island off… » 12/24/12 11:00am 12/24/12 11:00am

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City is Go on Mobile, and It's Glorious

I shouldn't have to tell any self—respecting gamer to go drop $4.99 on the tenth anniversary edition of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City on iOS or Android (once it's live). For those that lack self-respect, go drop $4.99 on the tenth anniversary edition of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. It's better than ever. » 12/06/12 1:55pm 12/06/12 1:55pm

These Screens from Grand Theft Auto Vice City: 10th Anniversary Edition

There's some debate as to whether the 1980s-set, neon-flecked entry in Rockstar's crime series is the best one. But it's hard to debate that the visuals for the upcoming mobile release look very impressive. » 12/03/12 1:25pm 12/03/12 1:25pm

But What Did Internet Morons Think Of Vice City's New Trailer?

Taking inspiration from a treatment on the latest GTAV trailer, reader Adriaan has wonderfully gone through YouTube comments on the latest Vice City iOS clip, presenting them in isolation for our enjoyment. » 11/29/12 11:30pm 11/29/12 11:30pm

Vice City's Mobile Makeover Will Take Your Self Control

The neon-soaked streets of Vice City have never looked as good as they do in next week's 10th Anniversary Edition for iOS and Android. The fingers are still fused together, but the bodies attached to them are better than ever. » 11/29/12 12:00pm 11/29/12 12:00pm

The Best Grand Theft Auto Comes to iOS and Android December 6

With the mobile version of Grand Theft Auto III still tearing up the Android and iOS charts, Rockstar readies a second helping of mobile free-roaming mayhem with the December 6 release of the Grand Theft Auto: Vice City 10th Anniversary Edition. » 11/21/12 10:55am 11/21/12 10:55am

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Removed from Steam Over Music Licensing

When Grand Theft Auto: Vice City disappeared from Steam's marketplace a few days ago, some suspected it was because of the game's upcoming release for iOS devices. Instead, what appears to be a lapsed license for one of the songs appearing in the game has forced the takedown, until the matter is resolved. » 11/17/12 1:00pm 11/17/12 1:00pm

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Comes To iOS And Android This Fall

To celebrate the upcoming 10th anniversary of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City (on October 29!), Rockstar will re-release the popular game on mobile platforms this fall. » 10/26/12 8:47am 10/26/12 8:47am

See Vice City's Final Mission, as Imagined on a Commodore 64

You talk about love at first sight. Grand Theft Auto: Vice City had me at its opening credit screens: the LOAD "*",8,1, multicolored flashing logo and rudimentary MIDI theme took me straight back to 1986, and all the days I spent parked in front of my Commodore 64. When I showed it to my brother—not a gamer, but a… » 7/28/12 1:00pm 7/28/12 1:00pm

Jenna Jameson Had No Problem Faking Sex in Front of Her Dad

Back when Jenna Jameson was still doing porn, she appeared in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City as blue movie actress Candy Suxxx. As recount in the new book Jacked, Jameson showed up to the recording session with her father. » 4/04/12 2:15am 4/04/12 2:15am