Users of Older Xbox 360s Say Grand Theft Auto V Crashes Their Console

It seems the launch week of a hotly anticipated game can't pass without a problem keeping some folks from playing. Several tips and complaints we've received, and a long forum thread backing them up, allude to a specific problem facing Grand Theft Auto V: the game appears to crash on older models of the Xbox 360. »9/22/13 11:00am9/22/13 11:00am

Here Are The Top 30 Games Japanese Gamers Are Looking Forward To In 2013

2013 is only 1/12th over. With 11 months left and new console news on the horizon, Weekly Famitsu asked its readers what games they were looking forward to for this year. Here's a list of the top 30 anticipated upcoming games for 2013 (note: All publishers and release dates are for Japanese release versions): »2/07/13 8:00am2/07/13 8:00am

Rockstar Says Grand Theft Auto V Is Bigger Than Red Dead Redemption, San Andreas, and GTAIV Combined

The digital issue of December's Game Informer is out now, and with it comes a boatload of new information on Grand Theft Auto V, including the fact that its world will be bigger than the worlds of Red Dead Redemption, San Andreas, and Grand Theft Auto IV combined (at least according to Rockstar). »11/08/12 3:10pm11/08/12 3:10pm