You Can Vote on the Cover of the Next ... Lacrosse Game?

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EA Sports has gone cover-vote crazy of late » 2/15/12 6:30pm 2/15/12 6:30pm, but 's all-star 64-man scrum for cover honors isn't the only contest taking place this spring. , the third edition of the Xbox Live Indie Game sports simulation, will hold a fan-voted cover contest through its…

It’s a Battle of the Headbands in This New Grand Slam Tennis 2 Trailer

Things get sweaty in tennis, especially if you're playing on the clay courts of the Tennis Club de Paris. Hence, the proliferation of headbands on male players. This latest clip for EA Sports' upcoming serve-and-volley title showcases play on clay courts in the form of some of tennis' greatest rivalries. You'll get… » 1/31/12 3:30pm 1/31/12 3:30pm

EA Sports' Grand Slam Tennis 2 Outwits the Hawk-Eye

You may not know this, but my old man is a tennis umpire. He's done it for more than 25 years, which means he's had some pretty big assignments. Dad's worked two Olympics, numerous U.S. Opens (including lines crew of the most recent men's final), and has been called a fucking chickenshit bastard by John McEnroe… » 1/19/12 11:30pm 1/19/12 11:30pm

SSX Pushed Back Again to End of February

It doesn't involve a realistic roster or league licensing, so it's sometimes hard to remember that SSX is an EA Sports title. And the snowboarding reboot should be one of the bigger ones for the label in the coming year. But with a lineup crowded by more traditional fare in the first two months, SSX has seen its ship… » 12/21/11 9:30pm 12/21/11 9:30pm

Here's Who You'll Be Swinging With in Grand Slam Tennis 2

Last week, I reported on how EA's going to be handling the debut of their Grand Slam Tennis series on the Xbox 360 and PS3. During my hands-on time, I only got to see Roger Federer and Maria Sharapova in action but this new trailer shows off the other racket-wielding pros you'll be controlling in the 2012 release.… » 10/25/11 1:40pm 10/25/11 1:40pm

Grand Slam Tennis 2 Swings Both Ways (DualShock and Move, That Is)

Tennis games and I have a weird relationship. It was an ancient, LCD handheld tennis game that taught me the fundamentals of tennis scoring. Numbers? Then words? Then words that are numbers? Huh? » 10/18/11 3:40pm 10/18/11 3:40pm

EA Sports Announcing "New Game" in January

EA Canada's community manager tweeted last night that "execs at EA SPORTS will announce a new game sometime in January. I wonder what it'll be?" Yeah, I wonder, too. Let's wonder together. » 12/08/09 9:00pm 12/08/09 9:00pm

Peter Moore: EA Sports Tennis To Use Natal, Sony Motion Control

Electronic Arts "indefinitely" delayed the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 versions of its foray into pro tennis, citing the success of EA Sports Active as root cause of the high-def Grand Slam Tennis slip. Turns out there was another reason. » 9/15/09 2:30pm 9/15/09 2:30pm

EA Sports Active *So* Successful It's Delaying Other Games

The PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 versions of EA Sports' Grand Slam Tennis will be coming a little later than originally planned, thanks to the runaway success of EA Sports Active. What does one have to do with the other? » 8/04/09 6:20pm 8/04/09 6:20pm

John McEnroe Is "Pretty Good" At Playing Himself

Three things we have never done: Won seven Grand Slam tennis titles, married Tatum O'Neal or played a video game version of ourselves. John McEnroe has done all three. » 5/22/09 4:00am 5/22/09 4:00am

Grand Slam Tennis Preview: Tennis With a Twist

The Wii ships with a free tennis game bundled in with a clutch of other sports titles, so how can you convince Nintendo gamers they should spend more money on a stand alone tennis title? » 5/08/09 6:30pm 5/08/09 6:30pm

EA: MotionPlus Players Won't Have Advantage In Multiplayer

He or she who wields the MotionPlus in EA's upcoming Wii sports games will be able to play differently, but not always better. » 5/08/09 1:20pm 5/08/09 1:20pm

Wii Tiger Woods And Grand Slam Tennis Scootch Up A Week

EA has announced that Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10 and Grand Slam Tennis will be released a week earlier than scheduled in order to hit shelves the same time as the Wii MotionPlus. » 5/04/09 12:40pm 5/04/09 12:40pm

EA Sports Games Bundled With Wii MotionPlus

EA addresses the issue of Nintendo not having a first-party game ready for their Wii MotionPlus controller add-on by bundling their own games with the device. » 4/21/09 11:20am 4/21/09 11:20am

Grand Slam Tennis Cover Features Tennis Star Triple Play

Instead of focusing on just one athlete for the cover of Grand Slam Tennis for the Wii, EA plasters three of the biggest names in tennis across the front of the box. » 4/09/09 10:20am 4/09/09 10:20am

EA: Wii MotionPlus So Accurate It Can Be *Too* Accurate

Hoping the new MotionPlus tech for the Wii will bring some added realism to console's controls? You'll like hearing what EA's Grand Slam Tennis team have to say, then. » 4/03/09 10:30pm 4/03/09 10:30pm

First Peek At EA's Grand Slam Tennis For Wii

Electronic Arts has been pretty coy with deep details on its tennis effort for the Wii, giving us glimpses of character designs only. Today we get a good look at EA Sports Grand Slam Tennis. » 3/10/09 11:00pm 3/10/09 11:00pm

Will Wii MotionPlus Be Out Before June 18?

In an article on Wii title Grand Slam Tennis in the Nintendo Power online hub, there's a blurb about Nintendo's new motion controlling add-on Wii MotionPlus: » 3/04/09 5:00am 3/04/09 5:00am