FCC Passes Strongest Net Neutrality Rules In America's History

The open internet finally got the protection it deserves from profit-hungry cable companies. The FCC just approved the strongest set of net neutrality rules in this country's history, punctuating a years-long battle for this future of the internet. However, the war's not yet over. » 2/26/15 1:01pm 2/26/15 1:01pm

China Does Not Require Region Locked Consoles

Back when the Xbox One was announced for China, one thought came to mind: would it be region locked? When the console was released earlier this year, it was region locked and completely neutered. Now, it turns out, the region locking put into effect by Microsoft might have been self-imposed. » 12/29/14 7:00am 12/29/14 7:00am

China's Official News Outlet Thinks GTA Was Made in 1968

Chinese Central Television is interesting. It's worth watching just to guess at what the Chinese government wants to disseminate, but one thing about CCTV that is true is that it's often error prone. In a recent broadcast about violent video games, CCTV claims that GTA was made in 1968. 1968. » 12/15/14 8:00am 12/15/14 8:00am

China Is Cracking Down On Imported iPhone 6s

Apple's latest iPhones, the 6 and 6 Plus have yet to get released in China. That said, many Chinese already have purchased the phones from foreign markets—purchases where China makes no money off the sales tax. Now, Chinese customs is looking to crack down and cash in. » 10/13/14 7:00am 10/13/14 7:00am

Anime Cat is an Attack on China, Says Journalist

Doraemon, the blue earless robotic cat from the future, super popular in most of Asia, is under attack. Sort of. A Chinese newspaper is positing that the cartoon character is nothing more than a tool for Japan to subvert Chinese culture. » 9/29/14 7:00am 9/29/14 7:00am

Report: A Merger Might Cause an Xbox-PlayStation Monopoly in China

Media reports are coming in that Chinese media companies BesTV and Shanghai Oriental Pearl Group are merging. The two companies are respective joint venture partners of Microsoft and Sony for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 in China. » 9/03/14 8:00am 9/03/14 8:00am

Arrested For Marijuana, Jackie Chan's Son Could Face Execution

Chinese actor and singer Jaycee Chan was arrested for marijuana consumption and possession in Beijing Monday. The son of Jackie Chan, he could face up to three years in prison or, at worst, even execution if convicted. » 8/19/14 6:40am 8/19/14 6:40am

A Look Back At Chinese Net Cafes Through The Years

Since time immemorial, Chinese internet cafes have been the hub, the nexus of all gaming in China. That's soon to change now with access to mobile devices, home computer setups and the advent of video game consoles in the Chinese living room. » 8/11/14 7:00am 8/11/14 7:00am

Chinese Government Pledges To Support Game Developers

In an almost "weird that it didn't happen sooner" kind of way, Chinese state media reports that two Chinese ministries will join together to help develop and support burgeoning animators and game developers. » 8/11/14 6:30am 8/11/14 6:30am

Video Games Make a Convenient Scapegoat for Weak Students

A recent study by the Chinese Ministry of Education has found that the majority of China's college student population is physically frail. But what is the reason behind the fact that students are physically inadequate? Well, you've probably guessed it, the blame is on video games. » 7/14/14 8:00am 7/14/14 8:00am

China's Government Had Enough Of Dirty, Ugly Net Cafes

Chinese net cafes are a double-edged sword. In a way, they're a great place to play games, consume copious amounts of ramen and junk food, but at the same time they're total s**t-holes. The Chinese government is sick of them and now it wants to change what internet cafes are all about. » 7/14/14 7:20am 7/14/14 7:20am

China Wants To Make It Easier For People To Publish Games

Publishing games in China has always been an interesting dark art, but now the Chinese government wants to regulate it in the hopes that it might make things simpler. » 5/07/14 7:00am 5/07/14 7:00am

The Weird U.S. Government Projects That Have Been Named BATMAN

Government researchers must have a Batman fetish. Perhaps that explains why so many have named their projects after him—it's federally-funded cosplay. The question is why this odd bunch of projects bear the Dark Knight's name. » 4/18/14 1:20pm 4/18/14 1:20pm

Chinese Politicians Ordered To Stop Playing With Their Phones

It's that time of year again. The time when the Chinese Communist Party holds its annual meeting of the nation's big wigs. However unlike previous years, the communist party has put out a warning to the attendees: pay attention or you may lose your job. » 3/10/14 7:00am 3/10/14 7:00am

Chinese Government Wants to Ban Video Game Commercials On Kids' TV

Video games in China have long had a bad rep, so it's no wonder that the newest revision to commercial advertising regulations in China features video games. The only problem with these new regulations: they're targeting something that, at this time, doesn't really exist. » 3/03/14 6:00am 3/03/14 6:00am

Angry Birds Maker: We Do Not Collaborate With Spies

The maker of Angry Birds, one of the world's most popular video games of any type, today said it "does not share data, collaborate or collude with any government spy agencies." The statement follows a report yesterday that said American and British spies have harvested data collected by the game. » 1/28/14 5:03pm 1/28/14 5:03pm

Crack Down on Chinese Government Corruption... With a Flash Game

The People's Daily, the de facto mouthpiece of the Chinese communist party, has recently put a flash game on their site. This particular flash game, despite its cartoony nature, depicts a particularly sensitive subject matter in the People's Republic—fighting government corruption. » 1/13/14 5:30am 1/13/14 5:30am

Want six minutes of intelligent discussion and reflection on the recent discovery of the government spying on your World of Warcraft raids? Oh, ok. Here you go. It's our own Kirk Hamilton on WNYC's "Studio 360" hosted by Kurt Andersen. » 12/13/13 9:45am 12/13/13 9:45am

StarCraft Player Gets Pro Athlete Visa, Delays Military Service

In August, the U.S. government, for the first time ever, gave a professional gamer the kind of special visa it issues to professional athletes. It was largely thanks to lobbying by Riot Games, makers of League of Legends. Now the first visa has gone to a professional StarCraft player, and it gets him out of military… » 12/11/13 6:00pm 12/11/13 6:00pm