Reminder: Gold Farmers Are People, Too

The vast majority of people playing a big-deal MMO probably view it as an escape, something to do when not clocking in on the chores of daily life. Yeah, folks make friends and fall in love dressed in avatar skin but most players don't need it to survive. Some of them, however, do need to play a game to make rent or… » 1/23/14 3:00pm 1/23/14 3:00pm

Neal Stephenson Imagined Snow Crash, But Not Gold Farming

Gold famring boggles the brightest of minds, as Neal Stephenson discusses the inspiration for his novel Reamde during his GDC Online 2011 keynote speech. » 10/12/11 5:40pm 10/12/11 5:40pm

North Korean Gold-Farming Allegations Officially Denied by Official…

North Korea has officially responded to allegations it supported a hacking network that allowed it to gold-farm some $7 million out of South Korea-based MMOs. North Korea's (adjusts glasses, clears throat) "Committee for Peaceful Unification of the Fatherland" on Sunday released a statement saying, in effect, "no u." » 8/14/11 3:00pm 8/14/11 3:00pm

Hans Brix Might Want to Send Inspectors to Kim Jong-il's Gold Farm

An awesome tale from Friday's New York Times alleges that Mister Fun himself, Kim Jong-il, finances his nookular ambitions with the proceeds of an MMO-gold farming operation. » 8/07/11 1:00pm 8/07/11 1:00pm

Chinese Prisoners 'Forced' to Play Video Games, Farm Your MMO Gold

Inmates at China's Jixi prison labor camp are tasked with backbreaking, mind-numbing work: mining rock, carving chopsticks by hand, and assembly line work. Some are even forced to endure grueling video game play, farming for gold in online games. » 5/25/11 9:00pm 5/25/11 9:00pm

FBI Raids College Kids, Looking for Gold Farming Fraud

The FBI now is raiding homes looking for World of Warcraft gold farmers. The party van showed up March 30 at an apartment shared by two University of Michigan students (building pictured), who say the feds have got the wrong suspects. » 4/14/11 9:00pm 4/14/11 9:00pm

Wow, There Are A LOT Of Gold Farmers Out There

Gold farming is the practice of harvesting crap in online worlds with the aim of selling it for real-world money. Most developers frown on the practice, but that's not stopping an estimated 100,000 people from doing it. » 4/11/11 1:30am 4/11/11 1:30am

The World Bank Proposes Fair Trade Gold Farming

An analysis by a World Bank initiative recommends that gold farming - you read that right - is a substantial growth opportunity for developing nations' economies, and that NGOs - bureaucrat speak for do-gooder agencies - begin connecting the rural poor in these nations to gold farming enterprises under a fair-trade… » 4/07/11 10:30pm 4/07/11 10:30pm

Warcraft Gold Farmers Get An Ultimatum From PayPal

The makers of World of Warcraft have struck back at the game's gold-farming black market, convincing PayPal to suspend the accounts of those using the service for gold-selling transactions. Warning letters went out this month. » 1/30/11 3:00pm 1/30/11 3:00pm

Gold Farming Research Digs Up Similarities With Drug Dealers

A study by a student at the University of Minnesota suggests that gold farmers - the unscrupulous salt mine workers of the MMO world - have a lot in common with other undesirable lots, like drug dealers and street gangs. » 7/23/10 4:30am 7/23/10 4:30am

Help Wanted: Arena Healer/Death Knight, 20 hrs/wk, Apply Within

Someone on San Francisco Craigslist is seeking to employ a Warcraft player 20 hours per week to help him get his sorry ass to a supermacho arena rating of 2,000 or greater. » 9/19/09 6:30pm 9/19/09 6:30pm

Evony Devs Sound A Bit Iffy

Evony needs little introduction. If you're on the internet, at all, you've seen its intrusive banner ads pretty much everywhere. But just who are the people behind this "game"? Well, surprisingly, it turns out they're incredibly shady. » 8/26/09 12:30am 8/26/09 12:30am

Hold On! China's Gold Farming "Ban" Clarified

Earlier this week, we brought word that the Chinese Government has tried to ban gold farming the reported $500 million gold farming industry. » 7/01/09 10:00pm 7/01/09 10:00pm

Chinese Gov't Tries To Officially Ban Gold Farming

Friday, the Chinese government attempted to address the reported $500 million gold farming industry, said to employ some 400,000 workers, in the form of a ruling on the exchange of "virtual currency" for real world cash. » 6/29/09 6:20pm 6/29/09 6:20pm

Gold Farming Website Sells For $10 Million

The number three MMORPG gold-seller on the internet,, has just made the ultimate transaction, with the website purchased by a private equity company for $10 million. » 1/29/09 11:40am 1/29/09 11:40am

Launder That Money: RMTs in Asian MMOs

A gold farming/money laundering ring in South Korea has been accused of moving somewhere in the neighborhood of $38 million USD from Korea to China (with the help of real money transactions). According to PlayNoEvil, they made false purchases to a Hong Kong paper company to move the money, which is what eventually… » 10/25/08 2:30pm 10/25/08 2:30pm

Warhammer Online Goes Gold, Gold Seller Gives Out Beta Keys

It's a press release twofer! Mythic Entertainment has announced that Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning has gone gold, with the game shipping to stores in time for servers to go live on September 18th, and the gold farmers are ready for it! "Internet gaming service" SwagVault has announced that they'll be giving away… » 8/26/08 10:40am 8/26/08 10:40am

Study: Gold Farming Employs 400,000

Our friends at Manchester University » 8/23/08 2:00pm 8/23/08 2:00pm have published another study looking at developing nations where the poor earn money by gold farming or powerlevelling in MMOs. The estimate is half a million people do the work for pay, a supermajority of them in China. Of the online toilers, 400,000 are involved in gold farming,…

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About RMT, and Then Some

Via Terra Nova comes a fascinating paper by Richard Heeks that covers the historical, social, and economic aspects playing into real money transactions. I've just had time to take a quick gander at the paper, but unlike a lot of information out there, this appears quite comprehensive and with a more unbiased position… » 8/09/08 1:30pm 8/09/08 1:30pm