Oooh, that's gonna leave a mark. Godzilla is attacked by two F16 aircraft in Pepezilla's 3D fanart, simply titled "army attack Godzilla." The model is embedded below, in case you'd like a closer look. » 3/18/15 8:30am 3/18/15 8:30am

Ten Things You Might Not Know about Godzilla

This month is Godzilla's 60th birthday. So, happy birthday Godzilla! And to honor the famous kaiju, here are ten things you may—or may not—know about the 'Zilla. » 11/04/14 4:30am 11/04/14 4:30am

Secrets from the Man Inside the Godzilla Suit

Haruo Nakajima helped bring one of Japan's most iconic characters to life. In 1954, he was the first man to don a kaiju costume and star in Godzilla as the man inside the suit. » 9/29/14 4:30am 9/29/14 4:30am

The New Godzilla Movie, Retold As a Weird 16-Bit Game

CineFix is back with their old school video game reconstructions of movies. This time they processed the story of this year's Godzilla, and it turned out to be a strange mixture of Metal Slug and SNK's King of Monsters. » 9/10/14 9:20am 9/10/14 9:20am

Tokyo's Giant Godzilla Statue Looks Amazing in the Rain

Previously, Kotaku published photos of Tokyo's new giant Godzilla statue when it was nice and sunny. But right now, the weather's awful in Tokyo, and giant Godzilla has never looked better. » 7/24/14 8:00am 7/24/14 8:00am

Japanese Actor Refused To Pronounce "Godzilla" in English

In English, Godzilla is said as, well, "Godzilla." But in Japanese, it's said (and written) different: "Gojira" (ゴジラ). » 7/17/14 8:15am 7/17/14 8:15am

First Real Look at Tokyo's Giant Godzilla Statue

Later this week, a new giant Godzilla statue will be officially unveiled in Tokyo. Here is a first peek at the actual statue as it's going up. » 7/15/14 7:50am 7/15/14 7:50am

Solid Gold Godzilla Can Be Yours for Only $1.5 Million

Only! To mark the 60th anniversary of Godzilla and the new Hollywood flick, Tokyo jeweller Ginza Tanaka is offering this solid gold 'Zilla. » 7/15/14 4:00am 7/15/14 4:00am

12 Worst Attempts To Americanize Foreign TV Shows And Movies

Happy Independence Day! There are many reasons to celebrate America. And then, there's our tendency to borrow other people's stuff. Sometimes when Americans remake foreign properties, it turns out okay, like Let Me In. But often... not. Here are the dozen worst attempts to remake foreign TV shows and films. » 7/04/14 1:44pm 7/04/14 1:44pm

Hell Yes, I Want to Destroy Cities as Godzilla

I still haven't seen the movie, thanks to Japan being one of the last areas to premiere Godzilla in theaters, but I hope it's even half as awesome as the monster lizard's latest upcoming game looks. » 6/26/14 6:00am 6/26/14 6:00am

Godzilla Invades a Tokyo Park

Hollywood's latest take on Godzilla hasn't yet opened in Japan. But when it does later next month, there will be a huge statue in a Tokyo park to mark the event. » 6/13/14 5:00am 6/13/14 5:00am

Godzilla Cosplay Crushes Cities With Its Brilliance

Sean Sumagaysay's Godzilla outfit is one of the most technically impressive pieces of cosplay I've ever seen. Not only does he look like the giant monster, but thanks to the design of the suit he can move like it too. » 6/04/14 12:39am 6/04/14 12:39am

Too Bad About the Boring Humans in this Awesome Godzilla Movie

With its badass giant monster fights and atomic horrors, Godzilla does justice to the venerable kaiju franchise that began in the mid-twentieth century. I mean that in a good way, but also in a not-so-good way too. » 5/16/14 3:22pm 5/16/14 3:22pm

Godzilla's Rampage Does $3 Billion Worth Of Damage

With the new Godzilla movie coming up, it's the perfect time to revisit 1998's classic remake starring Matthew Broderick and see exactly how much damage Godzilla caused to New York City. » 5/15/14 7:15pm 5/15/14 7:15pm

The Movies You Must Watch To Understand Godzilla

Since he first rose out of the Pacific Ocean to destroy Tokyo in 1954, Godzilla has been an icon. But he's also changed with the times, morphing from a terrifying death monster into a kid-friendly pal and back again. Here's what you need to know about the Big G's cinematic past to understand this complicated kaiju. » 5/15/14 5:23pm 5/15/14 5:23pm

​Forget Magic Dragons. Let's Watch Godzilla Rampage In Skyrim.

Godzilla is a giant lizard who breathes fire. That kinda makes him a dragon, right? No wonder he looks right at home in Skyrim. And that guy watching? Well, he's the Dovahkaiju, of course. » 5/12/14 5:00pm 5/12/14 5:00pm

Godzilla Made from Pine Tree Branches Is a Lovely Fire Hazard

In the movies, Godzilla is a creature born from a perversion of nature and created from nuclear waste. Taiwanese graduate student Li Yi-Kai's version of Godzilla is different. It's completely made up of natural waste: fallen branches. » 5/12/14 8:00am 5/12/14 8:00am