This great, in-depth Gizmodo feature by Kyle Wagner reveals how Transformers get made. If you’ve ever struggled to take one of the iconic toys from robot to other, non-robot-thing and back again, it’s a must-read. » 4/18/13 1:15pm 4/18/13 1:15pm

The BBC Gave Gizmodo a TV Show About Recklessly Testing Gadgets. Watch…

Our sister site Gizmodo on TV? This seems like a great idea. Better than Deadspin: The Movie or a Kotaku opera, yes? » 3/18/13 7:25pm 3/18/13 7:25pm

Ditch Your Jetpack, It's Time to Ride the Psychedelic Whale Trail

I've associated flying whales with music for a long time. I'd say that this has everything to do with the second sequence in Fantasia 2000, in which a family of whales takes to the air accompanied by Respighi's The Pines of Rome. What sounds like a goofy idea on paper becomes uniquely beautiful onscreen—the improbable… » 11/02/11 2:20pm 11/02/11 2:20pm

Flattery, Thy Name is Cut the Birds

Cut the Birds is awesome. Not the game itself, mind you. Just the premise. I mean, it's not often you see a cheap knock-off go after not one game, but two. » 10/31/11 9:30am 10/31/11 9:30am

Tiny Ships, Tiny Aliens, Tiny Galaga 30th Collection

It's been nearly 30 years since Galaga stormed onto the arcade scene, delivering to fans of fixed shooters an arguably better version of Galaxian. » 7/06/11 9:30am 7/06/11 9:30am

Zynga Files $1 Billion IPO Fueled By Virtual Farms, Mob Wars and…

The game makers behind mega Facebook games Farmville, CityVille and Mafia Wars today filed papers with the Securities and Exchange Commission to take Zynga public in hopes of raising $1 billion. » 7/01/11 12:28pm 7/01/11 12:28pm

Negative Duke Reviews Could Lead to PR Shitlist [Update]

A third-party public relations firm tweeted last night that they would be "reviewing who gets games next time and who doesn't" based on the bad reviews pouring in about Duke Nukem Forever. » 6/15/11 10:30am 6/15/11 10:30am

E3 Day Two Recap: the Best, the Worst and Everything in Between

With the major press conferences done and dusted, E3's second day (well, third) let us get on with what we came here to do: kick some ass and play some games. » 6/09/11 6:00am 6/09/11 6:00am

E3 Day One Recap: the Best, the Worst and Everything in Between

The first proper day of the 2011 Electronic Entertainment Expo was dominated by one thing: a new Wii console with a silly name. » 6/08/11 6:00am 6/08/11 6:00am

First Hands On With Nintendo's New Wii U, the Next-Generation of Play

I played Nintendo's Wii U earlier this week, the exciting successor to the Wii that not only plays a lot like the Wii—now with a new, unique twist—but a console that plays nicely with the Wii controllers and accessories you already have. » 6/07/11 1:00pm 6/07/11 1:00pm

E3 Day Zero Recap: the Best, the Worst and Everything in Between

In case you're only just joining us, or simply want to relive the whole day again, here's a roundup of all the news, media and other interesting stuff from E3 2011's "Day Zero". » 6/07/11 9:00am 6/07/11 9:00am

Knight Defense is Chess with a Pac-Man Championship Edition Overhaul

Almost four years ago today, the people who made Pac-Man tried to make Pac-Man better, by giving the game a techno aesthetic and altering—intensifying—its rules of play. Game developer Milan Nikolic's Knight Defensenow does that for chess. » 6/01/11 9:30am 6/01/11 9:30am

You Will Not Believe These Star Wars Pictures Are Real

These photos (and they are genuine photos, not a photoshops), of Grand Moff Tarkin, were taken in 2011. Yet the man who played the Star Wars villain, screen legend Peter Cushing, died in 1994. » 5/23/11 6:30am 5/23/11 6:30am

An iPhone Game You Can Win, Even If You Can't See

Close your eyes and play an iPhone game. With Stem Stumper, a game made for both blind and sighted gamers, you can do that. Play it by sound, and you can win. » 5/18/11 9:30am 5/18/11 9:30am

Thank You for Removing Story from the Role-Playing Game, Dungeon Raid

Have you ever played a Final Fantasy or a Dragon Age? Actually, have you ever had to slog through a bad role-playing game, one in which the characters just go on and on about their problems and the evil that's going to destroy the world? » 5/13/11 9:30am 5/13/11 9:30am

Sony Doesn't Know Yet If Your Credit Card Number Was Stolen

Sony has not yet determined if the personal information or credit card numbers of users on the still-offline Playstation Network have been stolen, according to a Sony spokesman. » 4/25/11 11:15am 4/25/11 11:15am

12 Ways Consoles Are Hurting PC Gaming

It's happened to everyone at one point or another. You're playing your favorite FPS and minding your own business when your character finally succumbs to that pesky stream of bullets that's been bouncing off his face for the past two minutes. "Aw man," you say aloud while a big, ominous Game Over screen stares you… » 4/01/11 5:00pm 4/01/11 5:00pm

Hunters Is Strategy Brewed Especially For The iPhone

Final Fantasy Tactics. X-Com. Shining Force. All games that do turn-based strategy very well. If you have an iPhone or iPad, add Hunters to that list. » 3/30/11 7:00am 3/30/11 7:00am