Genius And His Lego Robot Take Cheating To A New Level

Uli Kilian once set a world record by solving 100 Rubik's Cubes while running a marathon at the same time. So he's smart. And fit. But the smartest thing he's done might have been building a robot to tap his iPad screen in the middle of the night so that he wakes up to a ton of money in a mediocre free-to-play game.… »4/15/14 11:30am4/15/14 11:30am


This Keyboard Tries So Hard To Be Great That I Actually Feel Sorry For How Terrible It Is

The kindest thing I can say about the Imperator Pro, a gaming keyboard from Taiwanese company Genius »9/26/12 4:00pm9/26/12 4:00pm, is that it works exactly as advertised. Keys, both standard and programmable, function as intended and do what a user would expect them to. That's a big plus, in a keyboard. Sadly, there are also a number of unkind,…