Hackers Charged With Stealing From Valve, Microsoft And More

Two hackers, one from the United States and one from Canada, have plead guilty to U.S. federal charges regarding an elaborate international scheme involving the infiltration of gaming companies Valve, Epic, and Zombie Studios as well as attempted sales of counterfeit Xbox One development kits well before the console… »9/30/14 7:55pm9/30/14 7:55pm


Noobz Movie Trailer Promises Another Terrible Movie About Gamers

Featuring a once-funny Jason Mewes and a Michael Cera look-alike—and a special Adam Sessler appearance!—is this ghastly trailer that will apparently be an actual film at some point (this Summer).

A crew of friends and gamers get together to travel to LA for a Gears of War 3 »3/01/12 12:10pm3/01/12 12:10pm tournament, dead set on winning the…

You Can Get Your Prestige Re-Up On in Gears of War 3 Today with the Fenix Rising DLC

A while back, we'd detailed the new experience system that the latest Gears of War 3 DLC will be introducing. Well, the Fenix Rising add-on goes live today, so you can start your journey to 3x Gold icons in the new maps of Epic Games' threequel. Let's see how fast it'll take the first Gears players to max out on… »1/17/12 11:15am1/17/12 11:15am

Delayed? Nuh-uh! Gears of War 3 Horde Command Is Live Now, More Free Maps Coming on Thanksgiving

After some difficulties getting out of the gate, the newest DLC for Epic's hit Xbox 360 exclusive is out in the wild and ready to play. Microsoft's also announced that it'll be rolling our free Gears 3 content on Thanksgiving, too. (That's American Thanksgiving, not the Canadian variant.) The Versus Booster Map Pack… »11/01/11 4:40pm11/01/11 4:40pm