Here's How Activision Justifies Charging More For Angry Birds On Console

Pretend (?) you run a gaming company. If you could bring the biggest mobile game there is purchasable in stores, would you do it? If you're the largest game publisher in the world, then it's not such a tough question. Surprise surprise, Activision is publishing Rovio's Angry Birds for the Playstation 3, Xbox 360, and… »8/24/12 12:30pm8/24/12 12:30pm

In Remember Me, Social Networks Are Being Used Against Us. You Know, More Than They Already Are

What if a game let you go inside of the heads of characters and manipulate their memories? A year ago a small Paris-based studio called Dontnod revealed a game called Adrift that let you do just that. Adrift separated itself with the pack with the concept of manipulating, stealing, and even creating memories as a… »8/21/12 9:00am8/21/12 9:00am

So Many Possible Dishonored Assassination Targets, So Little Time

A little while ago at QuakeCon, Tim Poon had a go at a new level in Bethesda's much-anticipated sneaking/killing game Dishonored. Back from Gamescom. the fine folks at VG 24/7 have posted this video in which Dishonored co-creative director Raf Colantonio walks players through that level, in which they must identify… »8/20/12 9:00pm8/20/12 9:00pm

The Devil’s Cartel Gives the Army of Two Franchise a Leg Up

Army of Two is a polarizing franchise. It had the one thing the original developer EA Montreal set out to create: exceptional cooperative gameplay. Everything else, with the exception of the over-the-top bromance comedy between the two private military contractors, fell to the wayside. Now with Dead Space developer… »8/17/12 2:00pm8/17/12 2:00pm

Black Ops: Declassified Has A Promising Gamescom Debut, But The Jury’s Still Out

Still aching to scratch that FPS itch at school, work, on the bus, or anywhere that isn't home? And not with virtual controls? Sony's handheld Vita, with its twin analog sticks, should have been the device to scratch that itch. Sadly, though, the handheld has been light on first person shooters even after six months… »8/16/12 7:00pm8/16/12 7:00pm

Soul Sacrifice Isn't About Revenge, It's About Choices. Terrible, Terrible Choices.

Revenge may be the popular thing these days, but some games actually aren't about taking vengeance. At least, they don't have to be, and at Gamescom this year several developers are making that abundantly clear. Straight out of Sony WWS Japan Studio is Soul Sacrifice, the first game from Keiji Inafune, the prolific… »8/15/12 5:00pm8/15/12 5:00pm