The One New iOS 6 Feature That Improves Gaming on the iPhone

The next operating system for the iPhone—iOS 6—comes with a few new nifty features and updates. You'll see a couple of those new features in Apple's Game Center, the leaderboard hub where you can track your friends' progress in various iOS games. »9/19/12 7:00pm9/19/12 7:00pm

So when I loaded up Game Center, I noticed that our own Stephen Totilo…

An Open Letter to Apple: You Need Gaming as Much as Gaming Needs You

Apple needs Gaming as much as Gaming needs Apple. The games business at Apple currently is, as Steve Jobs said about the Apple TV, a "hobby". Tim Cook agrees – you guys aren't changing the world with this one. But you sure can! Steve Jobs famously said Apple strives to be at the intersection of technology and liberal… »2/27/12 10:00am2/27/12 10:00am