The Wonderful World of Glitch Pokémon

You might know about the Missingno glitch from Red & Blue, that backwards L shape that players could encounter and catch despite not being a 'real' Pokémon. You might even know about the infamous Mew glitch. But these aren't the only creature-related glitches you can find in Pokémon, amazingly enough. » 4/02/14 4:00pm 4/02/14 4:00pm

Two Incredible Glitches Make The First Pokémon Games Way Easier

One thing many Pokémon fans have in common is that growing up, we'd hear all sorts of stories about glitches and legendaries you could capture if you did something random and esoteric. Most kids, as we now know, were lying. Or well: it's more like they didn't know how to pull the glitches off, exactly. » 3/11/14 1:30pm 3/11/14 1:30pm

There's An Insane Loophole That Lets People Play ROMs On An iPhone

Unlike, say, Android, Apple is pretty strict in how it polices its online store, outlawing any app that lets people play emulated (read: usually illegal copies of old games) titles on their iOS device. But it can do little to stop this one. » 7/19/13 2:00am 7/19/13 2:00am

A Monster Hunter Game More People Might Actually Play

Look, I know there's this underground movement trying to get Monster Hunter going in the West, but most people - myself included - just aren't feeling it. Mostly that's down to the combat and reliance on party multiplayer, but I'm starting to wonder if the game's looks don't have something to do with it. » 6/16/13 9:00pm 6/16/13 9:00pm

This Week The Internet Went Crazy Over These Glitchy And Artistic GIFs

The reveal of the Xbox One might have overshadowed content on the Internet this week, but that certainly wasn't the case for the craftiest of internet denizens who convert anything worthy into an animated GIF. Whether it's some sort of a video game glitch, like giant Spock's terrifying stare above, or a nice form of… » 5/24/13 6:30pm 5/24/13 6:30pm

What People Used To Say About The Game Boy

3D without glasses? No thanks. I'll take my monochrome sprites and go and have some real fun. » 2/15/13 10:00am 2/15/13 10:00am

So, portable gaming enthusiasts of . Was the Game Boy your first? Have you caught 'em all, or did the Mew under the truck manage to elude you? Post your stories below.