Time It Took One Fan to Make This Incredible Brinstar Depths Remix

Remixer Theophany is probably most famous for his Time's End stunt a couple years back, but if their follow-up remix of Wind Waker's "Molgera" hasn't already sold you on their talents, then this stunning Brinstar Depths remix will. » 10/09/14 3:35pm 10/09/14 3:35pm

​The Five Best Game Songs Most People Haven't Heard

I love obscure video game music (hell, I used to run a segment here devoted just to that) but I'll be damned if I'm not surprised at the esoteric stuff that's out there. » 8/28/14 2:44pm 8/28/14 2:44pm

You've Never Heard Of Half Of These Songs About Video Games

I love old songs about video games. Not specific games mind you, but just the general idea of video games. They tend to be joyful, simple and wonderful. With that, here are some you might not have heard of. » 1/10/14 3:30pm 1/10/14 3:30pm

Some Video Games Are Better Without Music

I think it goes without saying that I love music in video games. But not all games require a soundtrack, and in fact, some games are better off without one.

Music can be a distraction, an unnecessary layer of sound that pulls attention away from a game rather than enhancing it. Sometimes, there's nothing to do but… » 4/05/12 8:00pm 4/05/12 8:00pm

Back This Kickstarter, Get A Ton of Great Video Game Music

The game/music website Nubuwo is holding a kickstarter to raise money to help them launch a couple of different projects centered around video game music.

They're short of their goal with only a few hours to go, but if you pledge, you can score a huge collection of great video game music, featuring work by great… » 3/01/12 7:15pm 3/01/12 7:15pm

This Amazing Credits Anthem Mostly Plays at Night. Mostly.

Aliens sure are awesome, aren't they? They are the ultimate killing machine! They're super sweet-looking! They star in two of the best sci-fi films ever made!

The surprisingly cool » 3/01/12 7:00pm 3/01/12 7:00pm Nintendo DS (not 3DS) game sure did like those titular xenomorphs, merging alien-killing with -like action to create a surprisingly…

Video Games are the New Best Way to Make a Living Composing Music

You may have heard that it's tough to make a living as a musician. You heard right! It's a tough world out there, and very few people get paid a good living to make music. But while it may seem daunting from the outside, there is actually a greater demand for music than ever—there is more media created each day than… » 2/23/12 8:00pm 2/23/12 8:00pm

The Grindy Grooves of Danny Baranowsky

I've written in the past about how much I like Danny Baranowsky's work, but tonight during Kotaku melodic, we'll be running a more in-depth feature about him, so I thought it would be cool to share some of his non- Binding of Isaac work. » 2/23/12 7:30pm 2/23/12 7:30pm

Fallout 3's Tunnel Snakes Rule, and So Does This Amazing Classic Remix

Who could forget the Tunnel Snakes, the dorkiest, least menacing group of post-apocalyptic greaser wanna-be gangsters to ever grace a role-playing game? I sure couldn't. And who could forget this classic video, which though it's a few years old, still holds up remarkably well?

Not Jenn Frank, anyway, who was kind… » 2/16/12 8:45pm 2/16/12 8:45pm

Gameplay and Story Are Exactly Like Music and Lyrics

Look, okay. Let's press "pause" on the debate. You know the debate I'm talking about, right? That endless disagreement in the video game world about gameplay versus story. » 2/16/12 8:00pm 2/16/12 8:00pm

This Noble Theme Will Get You in the Mood for Psychic Heroism

Look, no one really knows what's going on with this whole Notch-Tim-Schafer-Psychonauts 2 thing » 2/16/12 7:15pm 2/16/12 7:15pm. But that doesn't mean we can't sit back and listen to what might be my single favorite piece of music from the original

Get Five Amazing Game Soundtracks For as Little as $1

Hey, why should indie game developers get to have all the bundling fun? Game composers should get to experience the joy of bundling too. I'm glad to see that they finally are. » 2/10/12 8:45pm 2/10/12 8:45pm

Plants vs. Zombies' Best Music Meets Shredding Finger-Style Guitar

I adore the music to PopCap's Plants vs. Zombies. I bought the soundtrack from composer Laura Shigihara, and I still listen to it pretty regularly. » 2/02/12 4:30pm 2/02/12 4:30pm

The Cheesy, Joyous Music of the Ace Attorney Series

I really like the Ace Attorney games - I like the characters, the situations, and I like the games' uncommon good humor. I like solving crimes, I like the silly judge, and I like seeking justice. I like how Maya likes hamburgers. » 1/31/12 8:00pm 1/31/12 8:00pm

Even Birds Can Get the Super Mario Theme Stuck in Their Heads

Koji Kondo created an earworm of epic proportions when he wrote the theme music for Super Mario Brothers more than 20 years ago. The tune's become one of the most recognizable pop culture jingles of the last 40 years, to the point where tropical birds feel the need to sing it out loud. The feathered soloist could… » 12/22/11 4:40pm 12/22/11 4:40pm

Check Out an Orchestral Bioshock Concert in LA on May 9th

If you're going to be in LA on May 9th, you might want to swing by UC Northridge and check out the Media Composition and Studio Ensemble. They'll be playing the music of Bioshock composer Gary Schyman. [Get Tickets] » 4/11/11 8:00pm 4/11/11 8:00pm

EA to Release Three More Game Soundtracks for Download

Over the next month EA Recordings will roll out soundtracks for three of the publisher's big upcoming releases, releasing music for Mass Effect 2, Battlefield: Bad Company 2 and Dante's Inferno via digital download. » 1/09/10 7:00pm 1/09/10 7:00pm

Reaping Beauty — the Video

Also on Kotaku Talk Radio today, Fahey introduced us to "Reaping Beauty," rapper MC Lars' shout-out to Bayonetta. Well, here's the accompanying music video, and it's slam full of gameplay. » 1/06/10 11:40pm 1/06/10 11:40pm

Final Fantasy XIII Summons Epic Soundtrack

Square Enix has revealed its plans to drain even more hard-earned yen from the Final Fantasy fanatic, announcing the official Final Fantasy XIII original soundtrack. It comes in two pricey flavors, one more deluxe and limited than the other. » 12/11/09 6:20pm 12/11/09 6:20pm