College Student Found The Perfect Gamer To Win $6,000 From

When 22-year-old Nate Danziger booted up Cordial Minuet, he wasn't sure what to expect. Cordial Minuet, a psychological puzzler from designer Jason Rohrer, asks people to use their own money. You only need a few dollars to start, but it's still real money! Danziger discovered Cordial Minuet because he loved The Castle… »1/09/15 1:20pm1/09/15 1:20pm

Report: How Japanese Women Tell If Male Co-Workers Are Totally Unpopular

Are you a working dude? A popular working dude? If not, you might be giving off telltale signs to your female colleagues that you are not popular. Japanese research website Otome Sugoren »11/23/12 7:00am11/23/12 7:00am (via ) regularly polls its women readers and has come up with the seven most popular ways women (in Japan, at least) know that a…