Rumor: Hey Americans! Foxconn Is Apparently Building Factories In LA And Detroit

The Taiwanese tech manufacturing giant, Foxconn Electronics, is rumored to be starting up manufacturing plants in the US next year, moving away from its long time "home" base of mainland China.

According to rumors floating around the internet, mostly courtesy of the Taiwanese Digitimes, Foxconn is planning to start up… »12/10/12 7:50am12/10/12 7:50am

Report: Chinese Kids Were Used to Manufacture the Wii U [Update]

Excited for the upcoming November release of the Wii U? New reports out of China might curb that enthusiasm. These reports claim that some underage teens were used to assemble the Nintendo Wii U consoles.

According to Chinese site Sina, Foxconn, the company hired by Nintendo to assemble the Wii U, confirms that it's… »10/17/12 4:00am10/17/12 4:00am

The Factory That Makes The iPhone 5 Is Under Attack by Its Own Workers [Update]

Foxconn, the company best known for suicidal workers, terrible working conditions, and building anything and everything Apple, had to shut down one its assembly plants today because of a supposed riot that took place late Sunday night.

According to a quote from Foxconn via Chinese web portal, the plant was… »9/24/12 6:00am9/24/12 6:00am