Fox News Host's Guns Vs. Video Games Argument Doesn't Make Sense

In the Fox News segment excerpted above, Judge Jeanine Pirro argues that banning guns won't stop crime. She should certainly feel free to argue that position. But when she invokes video games in a preposterous culture-war argument, it's hard to take any of her comments seriously. Here's a partial transcript of what… » 2/04/13 1:15pm 2/04/13 1:15pm

Fox Reporter Tries Hard to Get Gaming Expert To Attack Violent Video Games

Ready for an incredibly uncomfortable 3:39 of financial news? This schizophrenic clip from Fox Business starts off with a mention of Vice President Joe Biden's meeting with video game industry representatives today and, from there, seems like it's supposed to be a straightforward rundown of how sales trends are… » 1/11/13 4:45pm 1/11/13 4:45pm

Bill O'Reilly Talks About Video Games and Violence and Ends Up Being Somewhat Reasonable About It All

Bill O'Reilly has made a great living as Fox News Channel's national scold for the past 15 years, with video games among many targets in his campaign of cultural warfare. So at the beginning of this segment on his program last night, when he smugly diagnoses Adam Lanza, the Newtown, Conn. shooter, as a violent video… » 12/20/12 6:00pm 12/20/12 6:00pm

Four Ways The Mainstream Press Fails at Covering Video Games

It's been evident for a while now that the many in the mainstream (read: non-gaming) press maybe don't quite know how to cover video games. Evidence of this is in every well-meaning but ill-informed radio segment, every weird newspaper column, and especially in every terrible Fox News talking-heads segment. Gaming has… » 11/21/11 8:30pm 11/21/11 8:30pm

Fox News Debate of Federal Funding for Games Goes About Like You'd Expect

Here's a video that is uncomfortable to watch on two levels. The first is that I feel terrible for Brian Ambrozy, the editor-in-chief of Icrontic, who is appearing on Fox News to try to explain why and what kind of video games are now eligible for federal arts funding. The second is the nonstop assault Fox and its… » 5/21/11 4:00pm 5/21/11 4:00pm