I Bought This Game Two Weeks Ago, And I Still Can’t Play It

The video game industry is no stranger to fizzled hype. But for all the controversies about delays, unstable launches, or games that are just plain terrible, until recently I've never had to stop and wonder whether or not a game actually exists. Then I went in search of a mysterious fighting game named Death Cargo. »5/28/14 4:00pm5/28/14 4:00pm

The Final Fantasy Fansite That Changed Thousands Of People's Lives

At 29, Sean Robinson has been teaching high school in Southern California for almost six years. He teaches 10th grade history. He tries, at least a little, to be the cool teacher. His short hair's spiked up in the front, a Fallout 3 lunchbox sits on his desk, and he conducts class in a casual, conversational style.… »4/29/13 2:30pm4/29/13 2:30pm

Backtalk in EA's Forums, Get Banned From Your Games?

Maybe the Internet really is »10/30/08 11:20am10/30/08 11:20am serious business - being banned from Electronic Arts' support forums may carry more serious consequences than previously thought. According to a post in the Red Alert 3 forum by 'eeapoc' (Apparently, C&C Community Manager ) EA is implementing a new policy that will tie your forum login to…