Don't Let the Limecat Fool You, This is One Kick-Ass Free-to-Play First-Person Shooter

Do you miss the early days of first-person shooters, when everyone was pretty much equal and the little guy had a chance of coming out on top? I just played a Free for All match of Offensive Combat, dropped in after the round had already started and still managed to win by one kill—and I suck. »1/04/13 4:55pm1/04/13 4:55pm

Former Battlefield Dev Plans to Change the Way Mobile Shooters Play with The Drowning

As the former creative director of DICE Sweden, Ben Cousins knows console shooters. His team at Scattered (formerly Ngmoco Sweden) has collectively worked on five Battlefield games, the first three Halo titles, two Far Cry and Crysis games and the upcoming Tom Cruise film All You Need is Kill. If any development team… »12/06/12 6:55pm12/06/12 6:55pm

An Extraordinary History of the Modern First-Person Shooter and its Unsung Heroes

Level designer and writer Robert Yang has written up a fascinating "People's History of the FPS" as a three part series at Rock, Paper, Shotgun. In it, Yang posits that first-person gaming and first-person-shooters are not, as we tend to think of them, just an industry-dominated gorefest with a linear evolution, but… »9/21/12 1:00pm9/21/12 1:00pm