All-Star Athlete Rehabs Knee by Using a Leg Press as a Video Game Controller

Wiihabilitation is so 2008 and, yes, Adrian Peterson of the NFL's Minnesota Vikings is doing some of that as he tries to come back from a devastating injury in American football—the torn anterior cruciate ligament. But what's more interesting here is Peterson has a custom set of exergames to go along with ski jumping… »8/11/12 5:00pm8/11/12 5:00pm

EA Sports To Challenge Wii Fit With "More Western Approach To Fitness"

The latest issue of Men's Health magazine — the one with beefy Take-Two chairman Strauss Zelnick on the cover — reveals EA's plans for its own Wii Fit-like fitness game. According to a recounting of the article by GameSpot, EA Sports executive producer Dave McCarthy says that the mega-publisher has designs of its own… »10/29/08 8:20pm10/29/08 8:20pm