He's Just A Pink Blob, But Kirby Sure Has Changed Over The Years

When Kirby debuted in 1992, he was a pink balloon thing on the original Game Boy. Now, 20 years later, he’s still a pink balloon thing—but one that is occasionally made of yarn or clay. » 2/06/15 4:00am 2/06/15 4:00am

Not All Pokemon Are Happy About Evolving

You'd think a species of creatures whose primary focus is gladiatorial combat would be uniformly pleased about assuming a new, more capable form — even if that form involves an additional head or a piece of silverware. » 1/03/15 10:00am 1/03/15 10:00am

Driveclub is handing out free DLC as an apology for its disastrous launch. If you snagged the full game, you'll get November's premium DLC packs, Ignition and Photo Finish Tour, free. That means five new cars, 22 new tour events, 10 trophies, and 10 livery items. So that's something, even if the game is still having… » 11/14/14 4:00pm 11/14/14 4:00pm

Behold, The Power of Pokémon Evolution

If you're hanging out for Driveclub, it might be a while. Sony's Sony's Scott Rohde tells IGN the game went "back to the drawing board" last year so they can "make sure the game is great before we ship it." » 3/11/14 12:12am 3/11/14 12:12am

Portal 2 writer Ted Kosmatka imagines a world where Creationism won

Ted Kosmatka's Prophet of Bones takes place in a world where absolutely everybody knows that Darwin was wrong, and the world is only 5,800 years old. Until one researcher happens on an archeological miracle: an early hominid who used tools, and clearly diverged from humans longer ago. And then people start turning up… » 4/22/13 9:38pm 4/22/13 9:38pm

Are Sexy Musicians a Product of Evolution?

Music is one of those things that feels truly universal—it's in every culture, and it has existed in some form or other for thousands upon thousands of years. And yet it was something that evolved, just as surely as the humans who make it did.

In a very cool article at The Atlantic, scientists Geoffrey Miller and… » 4/26/12 8:00pm 4/26/12 8:00pm

Teaching Robots To Walk The Baby Way

Why do human children learn to walk so much easier than robots do? Because babies learn to crawl before they walk. University of Vermont robotics expert Josh Bongard demonstrates how robots develop faster when their bodies change with their brains. » 1/21/11 2:00pm 1/21/11 2:00pm

Is this a portrait of a human 50 million years from now?

We recently rounded up the most nightmare-inducing creations of speculative zoologist Dougal Dixon. Here's another one of Dixon's futuristic Homo sapiens. This being is more or less a psychic raspberry strudel. » 11/22/10 2:38pm 11/22/10 2:38pm

CellCraft Is One Intelligently Designed Cellular Biology Game

There's fun to be had and lessons to be learned about cellular biology in CellCraft, as long as you can weather the argument over whether or not it's a creationist take on the subject. » 7/16/10 6:00pm 7/16/10 6:00pm

MotorStorm: Apocalypse Hands-on... In 3D!!!

Evolution Studios is leaving the vistas of Monument Valley and the lush jungles of the Pacific for an experience more deadly and destructive with MotorStorm: Apocalypse, it's latest combative racer for the PlayStation 3. Oh, it's in 3D! » 6/16/10 4:00pm 6/16/10 4:00pm

Pacific Rift Vehicles Score An Eight Part Makeover

Sony is giving Motorstorm: Pacific Rift vehicles a brand new look, kicking off eight weeks of free downloadable content with tomorrow's PlayStation Store update. » 5/13/09 3:20pm 5/13/09 3:20pm

AntiSpore Answerable To A Higher Power - Rick Astley

Well, maybe we won't have to change the filters on our office Bullshit-o-meter after all. As we kinda-sorta-maybe suspected » 9/11/08 3:20pm 9/11/08 3:20pm, the cleverly named Anti-Spore website Antispore.com was not all that it seemed. Rather than a blistering attack on Spore's neo-Darwinist pro-evolution agenda and pollution of our children's…

Bizarre Anti-Spore Website Takes Issue WIth Stance On Creationism

Sooo.. The Kotaku bullshit alarm has been flashing a code amber since we got a tip about Antispore.com, but.. well, we just don't know. The site purports to be a protest against Spore and its 'attack on Christian values' and consists of several Creature Creator movies of Penis Monsters and other Spore grotesques,… » 9/09/08 4:20pm 9/09/08 4:20pm

MotorStorm 2 Does Not Feature Elvis

MotorStorm dev Evolution was acquired by Sony. Have things changed after going from indie to corporate monolith? Says Evolution's Paul Hollywood:
» 5/08/08 8:40am 5/08/08 8:40am

That's right, you're doing , and we're pretty sure it'll do fairly well. So, yeah, everything's coming up Evolution! About that sequel, which was inspired by Hawaii's…