Eternal Sonata's Localization Producer Talks PS3 Changes

One of the coolest things about the Official PlayStation Blog is when they let the people who worked on the games post their thoughts on the process. Take today's posting by Stephanie Fernandez, the localization producer on Namco Bandai's Eternal Sonata for the PlayStation 3, which upon release this week will be the… » 10/20/08 12:20pm 10/20/08 12:20pm

Yup, You're Getting Eternal Sonata On The PS3

In June, Namco Bandai said of the PS3 version of JRPG Eternal Sonata - currently due for release in Japan - "We have no plans to release the game on the PS3 in the US at this moment". No plans in June, maybe, but this is July, buddy, and Namco Bandai have plans. They've announced that the game will indeed be getting a… » 7/18/08 4:00am 7/18/08 4:00am

Eternal Sonata On PS3: More Than Just A Port

Eternal Sonata's due on the PS3 (at least in Japan) in September 2008. It was released on the 360 (at least in Japan) in June 2007. Time enough for tri-Crescendo to make the wait a little more worthwhile for PS3 owners, yes? Yes. Plenty of time. The PS3 version will feature two new playable characters, new dungeons,… » 6/26/08 8:20am 6/26/08 8:20am