Happy 20th Birthday to Terranigma, the SNES RPG America Missed Out On

On October 20, 1995, Enix released Quintet’s Tenchi Sōzō, a spiritual followup to their earlier ARPG Gaia Gensōki, or Illusion of Gaia, in Japan. Nintendo localized and published the game as Terranigma in Europe and Australia—but unlike Illusion of Gaia, Terranigma never officially made it to North America.
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Former Square Honcho Calls Square Enix a "Complete Failure" with "No Vision"

With Square Enix posting losses in its latest earnings, former Square Co. boss Hisashi Suzuki thought this would be good a time as any to kick the company while it is down.

Via Twitter, Suzuki didn't hold back, claiming that the total value of publicly traded stock is not higher than it was before Square joined with… »11/07/12 8:00am11/07/12 8:00am