Oh Dear Lord These Dubs Are Bad!

Late last week we took a look at the phenomenon of "undubbing": the act of hacking a game and replacing the English voice track with the Japanese one. This, in turn, got me me thinking about some of the games most deserving of an undub—and let me tell you, there are many to choose from. » 3/12/13 5:30am 3/12/13 5:30am

Hacking the Japanese Voices Back into the Games

Let's face it, over the years there have been some pretty terrible English dubs of Japanese games. Moreover, these horrible dubs often replace an excellent Japanese voice cast. Now while there is nothing wrong with liking your Japanese games in English with English voices, have you ever wished you could just play some… » 3/08/13 6:00am 3/08/13 6:00am