The PS4 Controller's Light Bar Won't Turn Off Because Of Virtual Reality

Are you one of the people that's been annoyed by the fact that the DualShock 4's light bar never turns off? Well, Sony has finally clued us in to why the PlayStation 4 developers decided not to allow gamers to conserve battery life and their own sanity by sticking an "off" switch on the thing. And no, it's not because… »5/08/14 12:30pm5/08/14 12:30pm

PlayStation 4 Controller is PC-Compatible 'for Basic Functions'

The PlayStation 4's DualShock 4 controller will be compatible with PCs for "basic functions" without a driver, PlayStation's president of worldwide studios said over Twitter. While "basic functions" weren't further defined, that's still better than the DualShock 3, which needs a whole lot of work to perform any… »10/06/13 11:30am10/06/13 11:30am

These Hideous Custom Red Dead Redemption Controllers Were the Reward for Doing Something Good

For winning the Red Dead Redemption: Game of the Year Edition PSN event Rockstar Games held on November 18, Florida's Alvin Ogando walked away with a pair of custom PlayStation 3 controllers that look like someone tossed them in a clothes dryer with a black Sharpie. Congratulations? »11/29/11 1:20pm11/29/11 1:20pm