GTA V’s Car Crashes Are Almost Too Realistic

I’ve always gone looking for trouble in GTA games. When Grand Theft Auto III first came out, my friends and I would get together and take turns going on rampages—competing to see who could survive the longest against the cops. With the new version of GTA V out, I’ve found another way to test myself: by going in search… » 2/11/15 11:00am 2/11/15 11:00am

The Game That Saved Me From Driving Drunk

It had been the worst day in a string of very, very bad days. I was desperate and angry and sad and getting drunker by the second. I hugged a bottle of vodka like a safety blanket, but it gave me nothing in return. No sympathy, no warmth. "Maybe I'll just go for a drive," I thought. "Yes, I should go for a drive." » 6/03/14 6:29pm 6/03/14 6:29pm

9-Year-Old Plays Driving Game, Steals Parent's Car

A nine year old boy has been arrested in Japan for stealing his parents car to visit his grandmother. And how, pray, does a nine year old kid learn to drive? "It's my first time driving" he said, "but I learned from watching dad and playing at the video arcade." Police in Gifu prefecture received a call on Monday… » 11/06/08 4:20pm 11/06/08 4:20pm