Japan Is Getting "Below Freezing" Soft Drinks

Starting next month, Asahi is rolling out "Freezing Cider." It will be sold at minus 5 degrees celsius (23 degrees fahrenheit). How cool is that? » 5/28/14 5:20am 5/28/14 5:20am

Tropic Cola? That Makes Me Angry... Angry Birds Angry!

The merchandising geniuses at Rovio are back again. This time around, instead of incredibly weird meats and Star Wars-themed video games, the fine folks that make Angry Birds have now released a series of Angry Birds Colas. » 10/07/13 6:30am 10/07/13 6:30am

How Do You Fuel a Marathon Gaming Session?

Aside from making us all hungry, commenter FortWaba shares with us the supplies he needs to make it through a video game all-nighter. What food and drink fuels your power-gaming sessions? Bring enough to share in today;s Speak Up on Kotaku. » 8/26/11 11:20am 8/26/11 11:20am

Ratchet & Clank, The Drinks

As seen at the kick-off party at the DICE gaming convention at the Red Rock Casino just outside of Las Vegas. (Apologies for relying on my Blackberry to snap this photo.) » 2/18/10 3:00pm 2/18/10 3:00pm

Get Drunk on Boomer Bile

Sidling up to the bar at a trendy club and explaining how one makes "Boomer Bile" would identify you first as "disgusting" and then, after further explanation, "disgusting and a huge nerd." » 4/25/09 6:00pm 4/25/09 6:00pm

The EA Drinks: From The Cachaca Left 4 Dead to the Mass Effect Lotus…

When Electronic Arts takes over a bar, they don't just throw up a bunch of gaming kiosks and a couple of Communist slogan-themed logos, they also come up with their very own list of game-themed drinks. » 5/13/08 7:40pm 5/13/08 7:40pm