Why Blizzard Ditched In-Game Items For Heroes Of The Storm

One major difference between Heroes of the Storm and its competitors Dota 2 and League of Legends is the game’s “talent system” that eschews individual character experience and items players can purchase from an in-game shop. Was Blizzard just trying to set itself apart by abandoning genre conventions? Not entirely. » 6/23/15 1:10pm 6/23/15 1:10pm

Dota 2 Updates Have League Of Legends Players Threatening To Swap Games

PC gaming supergiant Valve has been teasing out ever-more exciting details about Dota 2 Reborn, a comprehensive overhaul of its MOBA. Snazzy features like a new client, new custom game modes, even a whole new engine for the game thrilled Dota 2 players. They’ve also left another group of people very, very unhappy. » 6/17/15 5:45pm 6/17/15 5:45pm

Months Later, YouPorn's Pro Gaming Team Looks Kinda Dead

Late last year, gigantic porn site YouPorn announced that they’d acquired a pro DOTA 2 team, and every publication on Earth—probably even Highlights Magazine—gave them a headline. But was it anything more than a marketing ploy? Curious, I decided to look into what’s happened since. » 4/30/15 4:42pm 4/30/15 4:42pm