You Don't Have to Beat BioShock Infinite to Unlock the Ultra-Hard 1999…

Back in January of last year, Irrational Games announced that BioShock Infinite would have a hardcore 1999 Mode, which would make players pick a specialization that locks them into a set framework of powers and skills. There'd be no going back on those choices and death would be permanent. Back then, Irrational said… » 3/26/13 9:26am 3/26/13 9:26am

Learning To Love Easy Mode

A couple of months ago, if I started a new game—no matter what it was—I'd start off on a high difficulty. At the very least, I'd go for normal, but only if it was clear that normal would provide a challenge. I reasoned that nowadays ‘normal' is geared toward a more general audience which may be less familiar with… » 12/27/12 4:30pm 12/27/12 4:30pm

What Difficulty Setting Do You Play On, or How Hard Do You Like It?

With today's news that BioShock Infinite will include a special old school difficulty mode, commenter Blessrok is curious about what difficulty setting you play on by default? Are you an easy-going gamer, or do you like to be punished? Tell us in today's Speak Up on Kotaku. » 1/19/12 11:00am 1/19/12 11:00am

Difficulty: The Designer Perspective

We meditated on the question of difficulty in games last weekend, and Ernest Adams is now over at Gamasutra mulling the same problem (sort of). What's the best, most satisfying way to implement difficulty — or more precisely, difficulty settings? He looks at suggestions found in Interactive Storytelling by Andrew… » 5/17/08 1:30pm 5/17/08 1:30pm