Dark Knight III: The Master Race Is a Strange Sequel to A Batman Classic

For years, it seemed like comics fans wouldn’t be getting another Batman story set in Frank Miller’s Dark Knight universe. Then, this summer, DC Comics announced that Frank Miller and a team of other creators were wrapping up work on Dark Knight III: The Master Race. It’s bombastically goofy and absurd, like you’d… »Yesterday 11:15am11/25/15 11:15am


Batman: Europa Is Finally Published Ten Years Late, Isn’t Half Bad

Back in 2004, DC Comics announced Batman: Europa, a miniseries with art by pencil god Jim Lee that would take the Dark Knight and the Joker out of Gotham and across the Atlantic. Years went by. Children were born that learned to walk and talk. Twitter was invented. The book never came out. Now it’s here. »11/19/15 5:30pm11/19/15 5:30pm

Robin, Son of Batman, Faces His Supervillain Mom

Batman’s had lots of sidekicks over the years. Nightwing, Batgirl and Red Hood have all had gruff, tension-filled partnerships with the Dark Knight. But only one of them has been Bruce Wayne’s biological son. Trained to kill since he could walk, Damian Wayne is the most ferocious Robin ever. Now his mom wants him back.
»10/29/15 1:33pm10/29/15 1:33pm

When Batman Becomes a God, He Goes for the Revenge He’s Always Wanted

In the main Justice League comic, some of DC’s preeminent superheroes have become infused with the power of gods. All that increased might hasn’t exactly changed Superman, Batman and the Flash for the better. The Dark Knight’s campaign for justice was already obsessive but, when he becomes the God of Knowledge, it… »10/28/15 12:10pm10/28/15 12:10pm

Looks Like DC Comics Is Trying to Fix Its Massive Teen Titans Screw-Up

The Teen Titans was one of the best concepts in the long, intricate history of DC Comics. It made sense that a team of sidekicks and superhero surrogate children—led by Batman’s partner Robin—would hang out together to get away from their annoying super-parents. But then DC changed their whole universe up in 2011 and… »10/21/15 12:03pm10/21/15 12:03pm

DC Comics' Handling Of Superman Just Got More Convoluted

Look, up in the sky! A Superman who’s still married! A Lois Lane who didn’t expose Clark Kent’s secret identity to the world! Not a hoax! Not an imaginary story! This is all happening in the newly re-rebooted DC Universe, where there’s another weaker Clark Kent leaping tall buildings. What the heck is going on? »10/14/15 11:00am10/14/15 11:00am

Got Half a Million Lego Bricks? Build Yourself a Life-Size Batmobile

You know that giant tub of Lego bricks in your basement you think is really impressive? Take a look at the vast collection of bricks that Lego artist Nathan Sawaya has to work with. He not only designs his own Batmobile models, he’s actually able to build them large enough to drive. »10/13/15 6:10am10/13/15 6:10am