Play Infinite Crisis As Lifeguard Aquaman And Party Catwoman

Forget the new Gotham TV series, I want a Baywatch/Justice League series. DC's free to play Infinite Crisis unveiled its latest batch of new character costumes, and this time they're all summer-themed. Check out Lifeguard Aquaman, Beach Party Catwoman, and Summer Laughs Joker Below: » 6/25/14 5:05pm 6/25/14 5:05pm

8 Movie Superheroes Who Need To Return To Their Comic Book Roots

The X-Men movies have been giving us a glimpse of Marvel's mutants in the 1960s and 1970s. That's all well and good — but we'd really love to see some other superheroes reconnect with their roots in the movies. Here are eight superheroes who'd be more interesting if they were closer to their earlier comic-book… » 5/08/14 5:23pm 5/08/14 5:23pm

1960s Batman Valentine’s Day Cards Are Weirdly Awesome

Batman is no stranger to love. He hugs people and things sometimes. (Usually after something bad happens, though.) So Valentine's Day stuff with the Dark Knight's likeness on it aren't necessarily the worst merchandising idea. But these old cards featuring Batman, Robin and their enemies are, honestly, a little freaky. » 2/12/14 5:00pm 2/12/14 5:00pm