Wonder Woman Can’t Save DC Comics’ Most Disgusting Superhero Team

There’s no way that Wonder Woman’s going to fight crime on a team led by a drunk who’s constantly pissing himself. She’s not going to face down evil standing side-by-side with Dogwelder. She’s just not. She says so, right there on page two of All-Star Section Eight #4. But then she does. And it’s hilarious. »9/09/15 12:07pm9/09/15 12:07pm

Superheroes Who Act Like ISIS Are the Stars of a Great New DC Comic

The first time we saw the new version of DC’s outer space super-team, they were broadcasting what appeared to be the live murder of someone who used to be a Green Lantern. One of the Omega Men slit Kyle Rayner’s throat as millions of sentient beings watched. Believe it or not, the Omega Men are supposed to be the good… »8/05/15 3:05pm8/05/15 3:05pm