The Omega Men Just Pulled Off One of the Darkest Endings in Superhero Comics Ever

Death has symbolism. Sometimes how you die can be just as important, if not moreso, than how you live. The last issue of The Omega Men cements the DC Comics series as one of the best superhero books ever, with a finale that has me wondering if it was meant to be an improvised explosive device all along.

Holy Ruck, Raggy, That Dumb-Looking Scooby-Doo Comic Is Pretty Good

When the reveal of DC Comics’ post-apocalyptic reboot of Scooby-Doo hit months ago, it featured images of Fred carrying a Big Freakin’ Gun, Velma holding a bizarre gamepad, and Shaggy wearing a lumbersexual-style waxed mustache and beard. Fans everywhere went “ruh-roh” upon seeing the cover for Scooby Apocalypse #1.…


Batman v Superman Isn't Like Other Superhero Films, And That's Why It's Great

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is a success because it isn’t funny. The film contains funny moments: Batman intoning a robotic “shit” before scrambling around like the biggest possible goof definitely caused a roar of laughter in the theatre when I watched the film. However, it’s not a movie that depends on being…