An Eloquent Rap That Explains Why Downloadable Content Sucks

We're no stranger »3/30/12 12:00pm3/30/12 12:00pm to Dan Bull's rapping skills. He's covered some of the most popular games with his clever lyrics, but he now turns to a popular issue amongst the gaming community. Downloadable content has been in the past. But no one has summed up the situation so elegantly as Dan Bull has in his most recent…

Dan Bull's Mass Effect Rap Rolls With An "Asari That's Older Than Atari"

Step aside, "Paragon | Renegade" by Adam WarRock. There's a new Mass Effect rap opus in town.* The Mass Effect Epic Rap—by Dan Bull, who we've featured around these parts before—offers up a clever rhyming synopsis of the events of the first two games in BioWare's hit series. I think my favorite line might be… »2/27/12 9:00am2/27/12 9:00am