Filling In the Blanks on Neverwinter's Character Sheet

It's been years since I've walked the streets of Neverwinter, rapier swinging with every step, ready for whatever dangers lurked in the alleys of one of Dungeons and Dragons' most notable locales. It's also been awhile since I filled out a good old paper character sheet. Why not combine the two? » 2/11/13 5:30pm 2/11/13 5:30pm


Neverwinter Beta Weekends Dated, and For $200 You Can Pretend You're…

Perfect World Entertainment is prepared to open a portal to the Forgotten Realms next month with the first of three beta weekend events for its upcoming Dungeons & Dragons MMORPG, Neverwinter, and there's one sure way to get in—spending $49.99 or $199.99 on a Neverwinter Founder's Pack. » 1/28/13 2:15pm 1/28/13 2:15pm

Star Trek Online Developer Admits the Game's PvP Sucks

While being forthright with his community about the woeful state of Star Trek Online's player-vs-player combat, a developer at Cryptic Studios also admitted to something of a self-fulfilling prophecy: PvP in the game is so bad, no one's participating in it. Participation is so low, the studio has seriously considered… » 5/13/12 4:00pm 5/13/12 4:00pm

Retired Captains Can Now Play Star Trek Online for Free

Players with a lapsed subscription to Cryptic's Star Trek Online can come back an play the game at no cost today as part of the free-to-play early start program. Everyone else can play for free come January 17. » 1/05/12 5:15pm 1/05/12 5:15pm

The World's Most Famous Dark Elf Carves a Path to Neverwinter

Hoping to capture the attention of both traditional pen-and-paper role-players and video game RPG fans, Wizards of the Coast wants to put the city of Neverwinter on the minds of fantasy fans everywhere. That's why they've called in the big guns: author R.A. Salvatore and his most famous creation, Drizzt Do'Urden. » 10/04/11 6:00pm 10/04/11 6:00pm

What Free-to-Play Means to Star Trek Online Players

Late last week it was revealed that Cryptic Studios' massively multiplayer Star Trek Online would be going free-to-play later this year, swapping required subscription fees for an active player base. Today we find out what's free and what'll have players reaching for their gold-pressed latinum. » 9/06/11 2:20pm 9/06/11 2:20pm

Star Trek Online Goes Free to Play by the End of 2011

Star Trek Online, the MMO picked up by new owner Perfect World when it acquired Cryptic Studios back in May, will be taken to a free-to-play format by the end of 2011, says the new ownership. » 9/02/11 12:30am 9/02/11 12:30am

You Don't Have to Pay for City of Heroes Anymore, Thanks to Freedom

Superhero MMO City of Heroes is killing its monthly fee with the advent of City of Heroes Freedom as the game transitions from subscription-based model to a new, free to play one. » 6/21/11 5:30pm 6/21/11 5:30pm

Even the Giant Flesh-Hungry Spiders Look Pretty in Neverwinter

The Forgotten Realms depicted in this new trailer and screenshots for Cryptic Studios' online co-op role-playing game Neverwinter could have been torn from the scribble pad I kept next to my character sheet back in my Dungeons & Dragons days. » 6/07/11 8:45pm 6/07/11 8:45pm

Atari Dumps City of Heroes, Star Trek Online Devs Cryptic

Publisher Atari is "divesting" itself of MMO specialists Cryptic Studios, which it snapped up in 2008. It's trying to sell the creators of Star Trek Online and Champions Online after losing Atari millions. [Atari Results (PDF)] » 5/17/11 6:00pm 5/17/11 6:00pm

Watch a Video Game Being Made In Seven Minutes

Three developers from Cryptic Studios participated in last weekend's Global Game Jam, the festival that challenges participants to create a game from scratch in just 48 hours. They built this time-lapse video, compressing two days of work into seven minutes. » 2/04/11 9:30pm 2/04/11 9:30pm

Star Trek Online Celebrates Its First Year

It's been a year since Cryptic Studios boldly went and released a massively-multiplayer game based on Star Trek, and it's come quite a long way since then. See what's changed and what's next for Star Trek Online. » 2/02/11 5:20pm 2/02/11 5:20pm

Return To Neverwinter In 2011

Atari and Cryptic Studios return to the Forgotten Realms Dungeons & Dragons setting next year with Neverwinter, an online co-op role-playing game based on an upcoming series of novels from R.A. Salvatore. » 8/23/10 10:40am 8/23/10 10:40am

Bill Roper Departs Cryptic

Bill Roper — one of the forces behind Warcraft, StarCraft, and Diablo — defected to Cryptic Studios back in 2008 to work on Champions Online and Star Trek. He has recently stated that he's leaving Cryptic, but hasn't given specifics. » 8/18/10 8:45am 8/18/10 8:45am

Better Days To Die Coming To Star Trek Online

For Klingons, every day is a good day to die, but you might want to wait until Cryptic slips the new Klingon player-versus-enemy content into Star Trek Online, as seem in part two of the Expanding Universe video series. » 3/17/10 5:20pm 3/17/10 5:20pm

Star Trek Online Review: A Piece Of The Action

After years of television series, books, cartoons, movies, and video games for both consoles and PCs, Star Trek faces the final frontier: the massively-multiplayer role-playing game. » 2/26/10 5:00pm 2/26/10 5:00pm

Battle The Borg In Star Trek Online

Here's the trailer for Star Trek Online's first major content update, in which the Borg decide to give the whole Borg Queen thing another try, since it worked out so well the last time. » 2/26/10 5:00am 2/26/10 5:00am

Cryptic Considering a More 'Meaningful' Death Penalty for Star Trek…

Death in Star Trek Online seems to be a disappointing experience for its fans, lacking narrative oomph and encouraging unreasonably risky behavior. The game's executive producer says the studio is listening and considering a change. » 2/18/10 9:30pm 2/18/10 9:30pm

The Federation Can Get You Ferengi And Klingons Wholesale

The United Federation of Planets in the time of Star Trek Online isn't beyond adding the odd Ferengi or Klingon, as long as the price is right. How much would you pay for the privilege? » 2/02/10 2:00pm 2/02/10 2:00pm