Bob Dylan Improves This Game

Crackdown 2 was a video game that pretty much came and went in mid-Summer. It was okay, but no Game of the Year contender, nothing to rave about. What a difference a Bob Dylan remix makes. » 12/07/10 5:30pm 12/07/10 5:30pm

Don't Buy The New Crackdown 2 Add-on (Yet)

Crackdown 2 players who downloaded the newly released Toy Box add-on for the Xbox 360 game are finding their games on lockdown. Reports from readers and the official Xbox support forums indicate today's DLC is a bit broken. » 9/02/10 9:00pm 9/02/10 9:00pm

Grab The Keys To The City In Crackdown 2

Ruffian Games and Microsoft detail the Toy Box add-on for Crackdown 2 today which adds the eagerly anticipated Keys to the City cheat mode for free, as well as a handful of new content for those willing to pay the price. » 8/23/10 1:20pm 8/23/10 1:20pm

Lay Down Your Guns

Writer Fraser Allison thinks a few games could be improved if they contained a little less shooting. We're reprinting the case here. Read on and see if you agree.

I love violent games. » 7/30/10 11:20am 7/30/10 11:20am

Crackdown 2 to Get More Colorful With DLC

Among many criticisms of Crackdown 2 was the game's duller color palette, which swapped out the bright hues of the 2007 hit for duller, grittier tones. The developer said while this was intentional, it will be remedied with DLC. » 7/07/10 8:30pm 7/07/10 8:30pm

Pounds Have Been Lost While Making Dance Central

How many pounds has the lead developer of Kinect game Dance Central lost while making the game? Listen to today's Kotaku Talk Radio, now available for download, to find out. » 7/07/10 5:00pm 7/07/10 5:00pm

Crackdown 2 Review: Shoot First, Leap Buildings Later

Crackdown 2 poses a question players have subconsciously been answering since their first contact with a controller or joystick: Would you rather spend your time in a video game jumping? Or shooting? » 7/05/10 9:00am 7/05/10 9:00am

Halo Gaming And FarmVille Gaming Inching Closer Together

Next week's Xbox 360 game Crackdown 2 is connected to current Facebook game Chuck's Ducks 2. We knew that. Are you ready for what's next? » 6/29/10 5:00pm 6/29/10 5:00pm

How To Play The Crackdown 2 Demo FOREVER

Microsoft may have slapped a time limit on the new Crackdown 2 demo, but that won't stop the internet, with users seemingly finding a way to play it for as long as they want. » 6/23/10 11:00pm 6/23/10 11:00pm

The Crackdown 2 Demo Has A Facebook Twist

The Crackdown 2 demo goes live today, giving players a jump on their retail version achievements and extra goodies for those who play the tie-in Facebook game. » 6/21/10 12:20pm 6/21/10 12:20pm

Crackdown 2 Gets A Cartoon Series

Crackdown looks like a cartoon. I guess. With the cel-shading and everything. Not sure it needed an animated prequel series, though. What is this, 2008? » 5/22/10 1:30am 5/22/10 1:30am

The World of Crackdown 2 Is 1000 Meters Tall [UPDATE]

Players will be able to climb high and dive deep in this summer's open-world big-city Xbox 360 exclusive Crackdown 2. The tallest building? Over 500 meters. But that's barely the half of it. [UPDATE: The developers shared a little more.] » 4/30/10 11:00am 4/30/10 11:00am

The Crackdown 2 Team is in the House, What Do You Want to Know?

With Crackdown 2 just months away, now might be a good time to get up to speed on everything about the upcoming open-world, building-leaping, mass destruction game. Good thing the team behind the title is on our podcast right now to take your calls. » 4/28/10 1:00pm 4/28/10 1:00pm

Reminder: Prepare To Call The Crackdown 2 Creators And Ask Them Stuff

Kotaku Talk Radio will be recording live from CBS Radio on Wednesday. 11am Kotaku Time. 1pm ET. 10am PT. Hosts: Crecente and me. Guests: Top guys making Crackdown 2. Call-in and live-streaming details will be on Kotaku at showtime. » 4/27/10 4:00pm 4/27/10 4:00pm

Crackdown 2 Creators Will Answer Your Questions, Live, On Wednesday

In just a few months you will be able to play Crackdown 2. In just two days, you will be able to call in to Kotaku Talk Radio and ask the creators all about it (or just listen in). » 4/26/10 5:00pm 4/26/10 5:00pm

Crackdown 2 Becomes "A Beautiful Fusion Of Killing"

Apparently no one told Crackdown 2 senior designer Dean Smith that you aren't supposed to make up your own cover blurbs, but then this video is titled "Nothing Is Sacred," so at least he's keeping in theme. » 4/19/10 6:00pm 4/19/10 6:00pm