Remembering the Early Days of Copy Protection

I remember when my copy of Legacy of the Ancients arrived with its codewheel. I fired up my 1200 baud acoustically-coupled modem, hit the BBS and ranted my indignation that I can do as I please with my purchase. » 9/12/09 8:30pm 9/12/09 8:30pm

Deliberate Glitch Foils Arkham PC Pirates

A deliberate glitch in the PC version of Batman: Arkham Asylum has pirates perplexed to the point of accidentally outing themselves on the official Eidos forums. » 9/10/09 4:20pm 9/10/09 4:20pm

No DRM For The Sims 3

Rather than anger their fanbase with intrusive digital rights management technology, EA has opted to stick with tried and true Serial Code protection for The Sims 3. » 3/27/09 11:40am 3/27/09 11:40am

Creative Assembly: Fighting Piracy Is Pointless

What's the point of fighting PC game piracy? According to Stormrise developer Creative Assembly Australia's communications manager Vispi Bhopti, there isn't one. » 2/26/09 10:40am 2/26/09 10:40am


I'll say this for Rockstar - they do like a controversy. Usually, though, they go in for cool controversies like sexy mini games or the sensationalised depiction of car crime and bullying. » 11/28/08 8:40pm 11/28/08 8:40pm

No DRM Issues For Fallout 3

With all of the furor whipped up in the wake of Spore's restrictive digital rights management system, DRM is a hot-button issue with PC gamers the world over. In an interview with Shacknews, Bethesda spokesman Pete Hines reveals that Fallout 3 - one of the year's most anticipated games for the PC - won't come with… » 10/02/08 10:40am 10/02/08 10:40am

The PC Gamer's Bill of Rights

Not a day goes by that PC gamers don't have something to complain about, whether it be misleading PC requirements for the games they buy, games being released in an unfinished state, or brutal copy protection measures that treat them as if they were all potential criminals. Indie developer and publisher Stardock… » 8/29/08 11:30am 8/29/08 11:30am

Mass Effect Copy Protection An Opportunity To Use The Adjective…

EA and BioWare are employing SecuROM for the PC release of Mass Effect, a copy protection scheme you may recall from its universally loathed inclusion in 2K's BioShock. The Mass Effect SecuROM annoyance factor may be much more extreme, as the game requires that the owner authenticate the copy every ten days, meaning… » 5/06/08 7:40pm 5/06/08 7:40pm