Here's A Pretty Crazy Conspiracy Theory About Metal Gear Solid V

Many Metal Gear Solid fans aren't exactly happy that David Hayter will not—as far as we can tell—be reprising his role as Snake in the upcoming Metal Gear Solid V. That much isn't surprising. Amusingly, the inability to let Hayter go has led some fans to concoct a ridiculous conspiracy theory about what's actually… »6/06/13 8:30pm6/06/13 8:30pm

Demons, Baby Eating And Black Magic: The Insane Conspiracy Theory Email Sent To Game Developers

On January 8th, a group of game developers got a strange email in their inbox. The email was titled "Conspiracy Theory (GAMES DESIGN COMPANIES.)" It was a strange letter that informing the devs that DEMONS have been CODING to each other via games. Demons that do black magic and eat babies, to be exact. »1/14/13 1:00pm1/14/13 1:00pm