There's A Great Game Beneath Monster Monpiece's Awkward Anime Stroking

Update 5/28/2014: Monster Monpiece is finally out in North America (Europe gets it next week), and the sentiment in this Japanese preview still holds: It's a great game, but damn that embarrassing girl-stroking mechanic. » 5/28/14 6:30pm 5/28/14 6:30pm

This JRPG Team Is Niche, Even for Japan

Screw the West! This new role-playing brand certainly does not explicitly say that, but you have to admire a tagline that says it's aiming at a specific type of player in Japan. A niche within niche! » 4/22/13 5:00am 4/22/13 5:00am

This Is the Most Inappropriate PS Vita Game Yet

It's called Monster Monpiece, and it's a card-based game. That's fine and all until you realize that it's from Compile Heart, the folks behind Hyperdimension Neptunia. Oh, and that you have to stroke your PS Vita to play it. » 11/21/12 4:30am 11/21/12 4:30am

Record of Agarest War 2 Bringing PlayStation Move Bathing Mini-Games to…

Last year Aksys Games gave many Western gamers their first encounter with character pillow covers and breast mouse pads with Record of Agarest War. Unfortunately the game packed with these goodies wasn't particularly good. Second time's the charm, right? » 12/09/11 1:20pm 12/09/11 1:20pm

Two Different Games, The Same Dang Character

On July 29, PS3 title Hyperdimension Neptunia was released in Japan. Late last week, Record of Agarest War 2 hit Japan. Hey, wait a sec... There's something familiar, and it's not just the game covers. » 11/22/10 8:30am 11/22/10 8:30am

A Japanese Game With Goddesses About...The Game Industry?

A video game about the game industry? That could be pretty boring. Inside baseball. Zzzzzz. It would need something to sexy it up! » 4/09/10 3:00pm 4/09/10 3:00pm

North American Record Of Agarest War Trailer Is Completely Shameless

The North American trailer for Compile Heart's breeding RPG Record of Agarest War knows its audience, and with blurred nudity and a borderline money shot, grabs them by the...well it isn't the throat. » 12/30/09 4:30pm 12/30/09 4:30pm

Aksys Suggestively Bringing "Soul Breeding" Game Stateside

Aksys Games has launched a placeholder website for Record of Agarest War, the "soul breeding" Japanese strategy RPG that is completely distracting me with its teaser image. What were we talking about again? » 7/28/09 3:20pm 7/28/09 3:20pm