Offer for 700 Free, Downloadable Marvel Comics Pulled Due to Technical Difficulties

In what might seem a wee bit familiar to fans of a certain city-building video game, the folks at ComiXology have had to apologize for offering a product that their servers can't handle. Two days after the leading digital seller of comics announced a short-time offer for 700 free, downloadable first issues of Marvel… »3/12/13 11:50am

Green Lanterns, The Illusive Man And The Best Week Of Comics On The iPad... Ever?

The selection of video game comics this week is thin, but a couple of major stories launch in the world of super-hero comics, one of the best graphic novelists in the world releases his first book in over a decade, and the iPad gets probably its best release of recent classics ever. This is a good comics week! »3/23/11 3:00pm