Threats Against Manga Artist Lead To Empty Tables At Comiket 83

Kuroko's Basketball »1/03/13 7:00am1/03/13 7:00am has been having it rough. The popular basket manga, or rather its creator, has been , which has led to the cancellation of all -related events, including a stage event at Jump Festa. More recently, Japan's biggest independent doujinshi event, Comic Market (better known as Comiket), announced that …

Inside Comiket: I Didn't Have To Line Up To Get Into Comic Market 83

Comic Market, better known among the subculture in Japan as "Comiket," is currently a bi-annual 3-day event that takes place in Japan. This past December 29th to 31st was the 83rd Comiket, and Kotaku East »1/03/13 6:00am1/03/13 6:00am had a chance to delve into the underbelly of what is currently the largest comic pop culture convention for the…

Attention All Comic Market Fans, Knock Off the Sexualized Bags. Thanks!

This Friday, the summer Comic Market (aka "Comiket") steamrolls Japan. There will be tons of self-produced manga from famed artists and new talents on sale. A big chunk of it is sexy stuff, and so are the free bags that attendees get from game companies, retailers, manga makers—you name it. No wonder one illustrator… »8/09/12 7:50am8/09/12 7:50am