Will More Gamer Girls Mean More Gamer Women?

A new Next-Gen Screen Digest piece takes a peek back into console market war history to see how Nintendo seems to have won out in the quest for that most elusive of goals: bringing a broader audience of women and girls into the gaming fold. » 5/20/08 8:40pm 5/20/08 8:40pm

However, as the article continues, Nintendo can't take all the credit for…

Talking Club Penguin, Disney, and 'Emergent Play'

I'm really fascinated by the success of MMOs aimed at kids — both in terms of their current (and potential) earning power, as well as the attachment people have to them. Club Penguin has been a massive success, and GamesIndustry.biz chatted with Lane Merrifield, one of the co-founders and current general manager, on… » 5/11/08 12:30pm 5/11/08 12:30pm