There are 117 Games, Physical Items on Club Nintendo Right Now

The Not Dead Yet (but soon to be) Club Nintendo* quietly updated their Rewards Catalog this Groundhog Day. And like that jerk Groundhog, Punxsutawney Phil that told us Spring 2015 is just a myth, so too is it hard for me to believe that the wealth of games and physical goods currently being offered is real. »2/03/15 4:30am2/03/15 4:30am

Nintendo Shows Off its Latest Club Nintendo Goodies for Japan

Today, Nintendo unveiled its latest collection of Club Nintendo goodies for Platinum Members in The Land of the Rising Sun. There's a Pikmin »11/15/12 4:30am11/15/12 4:30am bag, "Premium Mario Playing Cards", a calendar, and a DSi game called . A Club Nintendo Exclusive, this downloadable game is a dungeon-based role-playing game with card elements.

Club Nintendo Gifts Suck Less Now That You Can Download a Free Game

It happens every July: Club Nintendo announces its loyalty gifts for members who reached gold or platinum status in the past year, and everyone craps all over them. Well, if you don't want another poster or desk calendar (and I quite enjoy mine, thank you very much) now you may pick a free game from the Wii Virtual… »7/07/12 4:00pm7/07/12 4:00pm

Japan's Club Nintendo Now Offering Official Polo Shirts

Does Japan's Club Nintendo get the best stuff? Yes, yes it does. Take this wide selection of Club Nintendo shirts available for 550 Club Nintendo points.

There are different monograms available, like a Fire Flower or a Triforce. You can select your size and even the color of the polo shirt. There are eight different… »4/03/12 5:45am4/03/12 5:45am