Marvel's Civil War Sequel Sounds a Lot Like Superhero Minority Report

Yes, Civil War II: Revenge/Return of the Civil is happening—but our early skepticism at Marvel simply reheating its major 2007 comic book event to tie into the next Captain America movie seems to have been mostly waylaid by new information that teases the conflict that pits hero against hero will be at least a little…

Captain America: Civil War Figuarts Will Fight For the Right to Empty Your Wallet

It’s January, which means it’s already time for the merchandising market to start salivating over the next Marvel movie, Captain America: Civil War. Kicking of the proceedings in the battle for whether or not Team Cap or Team Iron Man gets to rummage through your wallet and make your earnings disappear is Bandai!

I Have Some Serious Concerns About the Captain America: Civil War Movie

The way Marvel keeps jamming superheroes into the third Captain America movie, the more it sounds like it’s going to be Avengers 2.5, with the twist being that the Avengers are taking sides against each other. Everyone loves seeing their favorite heroes take each other on, but the original Civil War storyline is so…