Square Enix's E3 Line Up - Where Is Final Fantasy XIII?

So what does RPG giant Square Enix have in store for E3 2008? Why RPGs, of course. The publisher's lineup doesn't come as a surprise to anyone who's been following the company since last E3. Starting on the portable side of things they'll be showing the remake Chrono Trigger for the Nintendo DS, along with Dragon… » 7/09/08 10:20am 7/09/08 10:20am

Is This Official Chrono Trigger DS Confirmation?

Earlier, we posted what looked like an announcement that Chrono Trigger DS was coming. But hey, it was a crappy magazine scan, and we weren't sure. This new countdown clock (synced up to actual Japan time) on the official Square Enix site makes us way more sure - surer, even. The design is kinda like the original … » 7/02/08 12:30am 7/02/08 12:30am