This Video Game Stage Adaptation Will Let You Choose The Ending

Steins;Gate, the popular video game, already has manga, anime, and novel adaptations. The game has had different spinoffs and side stories, including multiple games and a movie (Note to fans: the blu-ray version of the movie, coming in December, will have English subtitles). Now, Steins;Gate is getting a stage… »8/29/13 6:30am8/29/13 6:30am


Final Fantasy Cell Phone Game Reaches 2 Million Downloads

How big are cell phones in Japan? If Final Fantasy IV The After »11/05/08 5:00am11/05/08 5:00am is any indication, pretty damn big. An episode sequel to , the cell phone title has been downloaded over 2 million times and is available for Japanese carrier DoCoMo's FOMA 903i and 703i series as well as for carrier AU's WIN BREW series. It was released…