How Comcast-TWC Will End Your All-You-Can Internet Buffet

There are broad, sweeping implications for the proposed merger of Comcast and Time Warner Cable. This is not one of them. This is a very specific, fine print change. But for TWC customers—and, eventually, the rest of us—it's going to be the single worst part of the deal. Welcome to broadband data caps! They're here to… » 2/17/14 12:57pm 2/17/14 12:57pm

Why the Comcast-Time Warner Cable Merger Is Even Worse Than You Think

The mere mention of Comcast and Time Warner cuddling up to form one crummy super-conglomerate is enough to send you running for the pitchforks. But this unholy union—if it passes regulatory muster—goes deeper than MONOPOLY BAD. » 2/13/14 11:58am 2/13/14 11:58am

“Xbox, Watch Skinemax.” The FiOS Channels You’ll Be Able Watch on the…

As mentioned in the previous post about the Microsoft/Verizon partnership, you'll be able to watch 26 channels on the game console. A screenshot of the Verizon app that you'll need to download is above and a full list of the channels available at launch follows: » 11/29/11 11:40am 11/29/11 11:40am

Let's Watch Pretty People Enjoying the New Cable-Ready Xbox Live…

It's time for cable TV on your Xbox 360. It's time for controlling your television with your voice. It's time for one set top box to rule them all. But mostly it's time for a video of smiling people enjoying these things. » 10/05/11 1:20pm 10/05/11 1:20pm

Bloomberg: Xbox As Cable Provider Could Be Unveiled Next Week

Rumors that U.S. cable providers Comcast and Verizon are on the verge of a deal with Xbox 360 to use the console as a cable box have been circulating for weeks. Today Bloomberg joins the crowd, citing their own sources. » 9/29/11 2:00pm 9/29/11 2:00pm

Verizon On Xbox 360 Cable Box Rumor: "Stay Tuned For the Future"

Yesterday we noted that there was a rumor making the rounds that deals between Microsoft and Comcast and Verizon to turn the Xbox 360 into a cable box were imminent. Now Verizon seems to be hinting that someone along those lines could indeed be in the works. » 9/20/11 11:40am 9/20/11 11:40am

Regulator Orders Canadian Cable Giant to Stop Throttling Online Games

Last week, Rogers Cable and Telecom, Canada's largest cable provider, admitted that its network monitors may "inadvertently" throttle traffic of customers playing online games. "Inadvertently" or otherwise, Canada's telecommunications regulator has told Rogers to knock it off. » 9/17/11 3:00pm 9/17/11 3:00pm

Comcast Will Charge for Hurricane Irene Service Outages, Blames God

Comcast customers who lost—or still don't have—cable, phone or Internet service in the wake of Hurricane Irene have a nasty surprise in store for them when they seek to get credit for their downtime. Comcast says they won't be crediting customers who lost service during the hurricane because it was an "Act of God".… » 9/02/11 7:00pm 9/02/11 7:00pm

The Day After Comcast Cut Off His Internet

Former Xbox executive Andre Vrignaud recently knocked Comcast for killing his broadband Internet for a year. He railed against what he considered unreasonable limitations. What next? He has written about the aftermath—and counters some criticism—on his blog, Ozymandias. » 7/14/11 2:40pm 7/14/11 2:40pm