Watch This, Play This and Then Have a Happy Valentine’s Day

Continuing in our long-standing tradition (aka yesterday »2/14/12 12:30pm2/14/12 12:30pm) of Watch This, Play This are three pieces of entertainment to stave off that bitter Valentine's Day loneliness, or that romantic dinner you totally forgot to plan but that you promised your significant other you would. Oops. Kicking off this Valentine's Day…

High School Sucked. Can We Please Have More Games About It?

For most people, high school sucked. The endless questioning and self-doubt, the lack of control over your own schedule, dealing with the impossible mysteries of the opposite sex while navigating the often treacherous shoals of what amounted to a four year, walled-in social experiment. Yeah, high school sucked. »12/14/11 8:00pm12/14/11 8:00pm

Rockstar’s Dan Houser Teases Bully Sequel, Max Payne 3 DLC

Lots of people loved Jimmy Hopkins, the squinty-eyed protagonist of Rockstar's Bully. The academic open-world title didn't set the kinds of records that a Grand Theft Auto game does but it's remained a favorite in the hearts of many gamers. In an interview with Gamasutra's Chris Morris, Rockstar co-founder Dan Houser… »11/18/11 11:00am11/18/11 11:00am

Casey the Bully-Breaking "Zangief Kid" Gets the Street Fighter Remix He Deserves

You may recall Casey Heynes, the chunky kid who was tired of being bullied and became an icon. Now he's immortalized—overmortalized?—in this video that mixes back in all the sound and visual effects we all heard in our mind when we first watched Casey piledrive his bully into the schoolyard concrete. [via Calm Down… »3/16/11 1:40pm3/16/11 1:40pm