Broken Age, Act 1: The Kotaku Review

This is what you wanted from Double Fine Adventure: A cartoony stylized world, lovingly rendered in 2D and fractured in ways that only nonsensical combinations of random items can fix. What you're getting in Broken Age, Act 1: All of that, but with a level of cuteness, humor and heartache that's exceedingly rare in the … » 1/28/14 12:30pm 1/28/14 12:30pm

Why Tim Schafer Doesn't Make A Lot Of Sequels

These days it can seem like every other video game is a sequel. Everyone loves sequels, right? They're familiar, they let game-makers perfect their formulas and expand the worlds they've created. But a few developers still make mostly new games. » 9/16/13 8:00pm 9/16/13 8:00pm

I Wish All Video Games Had Premises This Good

A good video game can get a lot of mileage out of its premise. Lots of games sell themselves on some sort of gameplay hook: It's a stealth game… and you can fly! But how about old-school adventure games? They're all story. To hook you, they've gotta start strong. » 9/12/13 9:00pm 9/12/13 9:00pm

Tim Schafer's Great Video Game Experiment

Tim Schafer had a lot to talk to me about, a lot to clarify, when we met in his offices in San Francisco. It's been a wild couple of months for Schafer and Double Fine productions. » 8/30/13 2:30pm 8/30/13 2:30pm

Wasteland 2 Got Too Big For Its Own Good, and Is Now Delayed

Wasteland 2, like Double Fine's adventure game, is one of Kickstarter's greatest video game project successes. And, like Double Fine's adventure game, it's also run into a snag because, well, y'all just gave it too darn much money. » 7/21/13 1:30pm 7/21/13 1:30pm

Somehow, Tim Schafer's Adventure Game Needs More Money

Double Fine's adventure game Kickstarter was one of 2012's great success stories, bringing in over $3 million in community funding. A year later, though, it turns out that wasn't enough money to get the game finished. » 7/02/13 7:14pm 7/02/13 7:14pm

Nvidia's New Gaming Handheld Is Out In June For $350

Announced in January as Project Shield, Nvidia's intriguing new handheld now has a price, a June release window, and the promise of Double Fine's Broken Age. Who's ready to spend $350 on a dedicated Android gaming device? » 5/14/13 9:00am 5/14/13 9:00am

Pay What You Want For A Buncha Double Fine Games (Broken Age Is Extra)

The folks at Humble Bundle have teamed up with Tim Schafer's Double Fine Productions to launch a Double Fine-themed bundle, where you can pay what you want and get DRM-free cross-platform copies of Costume Quest, Psychonauts, Stacking, and if you hit the right price, Brütal Legend and a preorder of Broken Age. » 5/07/13 2:30pm 5/07/13 2:30pm