Wasteland 2's Beta Gets A Huge Update

It raised a ton of cash during its Kickstarter campaign. Then Wasteland 2 got delayed because of all that money. But, rest assured, the sequel to the classic RPG is coming. And a new video gives a substantial glimpse at what the gameplay will look like. Get ready for clicking, folks. » 2/25/14 1:00am 2/25/14 1:00am

Wasteland 2 Creator Calls the Publisher/Developer Dynamic “Awful”

With the Kickstarter campaign for his old-school role-playing title already surpassing its goal, Brian Fargo has managed to find a path out of needing a publisher to continue making video games. » 3/28/12 9:00am 3/28/12 9:00am

Why Kickstarter is Best For Old Games & Dead Genres

Not very long after adventure game legend Tim Schafer proposed resurrecting a long-dormant genre, and made a ton of money for doing it » 3/16/12 12:00am 3/16/12 12:00am, another long-dormant kind of game - this time an 80's RPG - .

Wasteland 2 Kickstarter Hits $900,000 Goal In Just Under Two Days

Who says people don't want sequels? Not Brian Fargo. Thousands of backers have borne out the game designer's assertion that there's desire for a follow-up to the classic RPG. And they've shelled out $966,741 as of this writing to make Wasteland 2 happen. » 3/15/12 9:00am 3/15/12 9:00am

How Wasteland 2 Went From Hopeless to Half a Million in 24 Hours

Brian Fargo had given up. He'd spent the better part of the past decade pitching a game idea to publishers, only to be met by indifference and rejection. While he pitched and tried to sell his game, business executives would stare at their phones, texting. Barely paying attention. It was infuriating. » 3/14/12 10:00am 3/14/12 10:00am