Kickstarter Says It Was Hacked; Change Your Passwords

Kickstarter this afternoon sent out an email telling users that hackers have compromised and accessed their data. While credit card information was not involved in the breach, Kickstarter is advising that users change their passwords here, and for any account where the same password is used. » 2/15/14 4:23pm 2/15/14 4:23pm

Report: New York State Subpoenas Sony Over Breach

The New York Attorney General subpoenaed Sony over the data breach of its Playstation and Sony Online Entertainment networks, Bloomberg reports. » 5/05/11 7:30am 5/05/11 7:30am

You're Not the Only Victim: Criminal Hackers May Also Suffer from PSN…

The massive breach of Sony's PSN service has resulted in the possible theft of an unprecedented amount of sensitive information. The ramifications have been felt not only by consumers, but banks, credit card issuers, and other tributary industries. But here are some victims you probably haven't considered: other… » 5/05/11 12:30am 5/05/11 12:30am

Canada's Privacy Czar Thinks Sony Should Pay

"I was disappointed that Sony did not proactively notify my office...It seems to me that it's time to begin imposing fines - significant, attention-getting fines - on companies when poor privacy and security practices lead to breaches.'' [The Vancouver Sun] » 5/04/11 3:40pm 5/04/11 3:40pm

More Than 12,700 Credit Cards Stolen from Sony Online Entertainment

Sony's security problems continue to mount, as Sony Online Entertainment reveals that the personal information of 24.6 million SOE accounts and more than 12,700 credit card numbers may have been compromised in the massive attack that brought down the PlayStation Network late last month. » 5/02/11 5:30pm 5/02/11 5:30pm

High Ranking Japanese Politician Comments on PSN Breach

The PSN breach is national news in Japan, where Chief Cabinet Secretary Yukio Edano, one of the government's highest ranking officials, has chimed in about leaked player info. » 4/27/11 5:00am 4/27/11 5:00am

Breach's Delay To 2011 Makes Things Difficult For Players

While Atomic Games has missed the chance to get "Destruction 3.0" shooter Breach onto Xbox Live this summer, the new January 2011 release window gives the developer time to blur the line between military simulation and video game even further. » 7/16/10 11:40am 7/16/10 11:40am

Suspected Game Code Thief Surrenders to Authorites

Justin D. May, wanted after skipping bail on charges that he tried to swipe early code of a video game at the Penny Arcade Expo, plans to appear in Boston courts in May, the Suffolk County District Attorney's office tells Kotaku. » 4/01/10 1:01pm 4/01/10 1:01pm

Suspected Game Code Thief On the Lam [Update]

A Boston court has issued an arrest warrant for the man detained by police Sunday for allegedly trying to copy early code for upcoming shooter Breach, Kotaku has learned. » 3/30/10 7:10pm 3/30/10 7:10pm

Man Arrested Allegedly Trying To Steal Early Copy of Game At Convention

Atomic Games' Xbox Live Arcade shooter Breach impressed one PAX East visitor so much he apparently attempted to steal the code, and he might have succeeded too, if not for one fatal mistake - telling the developers he was stealing it. » 3/30/10 11:20am 3/30/10 11:20am

Hands-On With Breach, The New Breed Of Destruction

With its Iraq War shooter Six Days In Fallujah still in publishing limbo, developer Atomic Games is working on a new plan of attack with its new multiplayer shooter Breach, a game that's about finding a new angle on warfare. » 3/26/10 1:00am 3/26/10 1:00am

Six Days In Fallujah Dev Gives Birth To Breach

Developer Atomic Games, perhaps best known for its missing in action shooter Six Days In Fallujah but also responsible for the V for Victory series, has a new "multiplayer title for consoles and personal computers" that will "blow your mind." » 3/22/10 4:30pm 3/22/10 4:30pm