This Is the First Legend of Korra Action Figure, You Gotta Deal With It

Good news and bad news, guys: Korra, star of the Avatar sequel The Legend of Korra, has finally received an action figure courtesy of the folks at Good Smile. That’s the good news. The bad news is that if you were hoping for a Korra figure without a giant, oversized head, well, you’re going to be waiting a while…


Jurassic World Is A Huge Mega-Hit, And That’s Terrible News For Movies

Jurassic World is now on track to beat the box office records of both Avengers films, and it has a shot at beating Avatar. This is terrible, awful news for anybody who loves movies. Not because Jurassic World is a horrible movie—it’s actually pretty fun. But because this means a lot more pandering sequels.

Stop Hating Original Science Fiction Movies Just For Having Tropes!

It never fails lately. We actually get a movie that's a new story, instead of a rehash or continuation of a venerable tale. And people immediately start piling on, pointing out all the stuff in it that's been done before. But just because something contains story elements we've seen before doesn't mean it can't be new.