The New Astro A50s Get Their First Discount

We recently wrote about the refresh the best gaming headset, the Astro A50, got for the new generation of consoles. Those new versions are $50 off today, their first discount, and a rare discount for Astro products in general. [Astro A50] » 11/28/14 6:56pm 11/28/14 6:56pm

Astro Gaming Headsets Get a Refresh for the New Consoles

The Astro A50 has long been the gaming headset of choice for anyone who could justify the cost, including you. While the old Astro A50 and A40 will probably stick around, Astro is creating new variants specifically tuned for the Playstation 4 and Xbox One. » 10/28/14 4:45pm 10/28/14 4:45pm

Good news for gaming headset owners: The Xbox One March update will bring with it support for optical Dolby audio output, meaning that your Astro/Turtle Beach/other gaming headset will finally get a full surround signal. Polygon's tested an Astro headset and they say it works great. » 2/28/14 6:23pm 2/28/14 6:23pm

The Best Gaming Headset

Almost six thousand votes later, you've chosen the Astro A50 as the best gaming headset. The Astro, a name synonymous with gaming headsets, took 31% of your votes, which only strengthens the brand's previous recommendations by Kotaku Editorial and Lifehacker readers. [Amazon] » 2/15/14 9:15am 2/15/14 9:15am

Xbox One Sprints to a Million: Calling it "The biggest launch in Xbox history," Microsoft informs us that they've sold more than one million Xbox One consoles worldwide in less than 24 hours. They also say that more than 3.6 million Forza miles have been driven and more than 60 million Dead Rising zombies have been… » 11/22/13 8:15pm 11/22/13 8:15pm

​We Brought An Xbox One To The Xbox One Launch Event… Chaos Ensued

Tonight in New York, Microsoft is hosting a massive launch party for the Xbox One. In a few short hours, the people in line will have their own new consoles to take home. Ah, but Kotaku already has an Xbox One. Maybe the folks in line would like to check ours out while they wait? » 11/21/13 9:00pm 11/21/13 9:00pm

​Xbox One's Missing Audio Options Are Coming, Microsoft Says

In my review of the Xbox One, I noted that the console came with a curious audio omission. The optical audio output jack was unable to output Dolby 5.1 or 7.1 digital audio. That's a substantial bummer for anyone who uses a Dolby-only gaming headset. Today, Microsoft's Albert Penello addressed the missing feature and… » 11/21/13 2:00pm 11/21/13 2:00pm

Review: The Astro A50 Wireless Gaming Headset

Finding a good gaming headset really shouldn't be as hard as it is. And yet for the longest time, I couldn't find a decent set of gaming headphones. Until Astro came along, that is. » 7/24/12 9:00pm 7/24/12 9:00pm

Xbox 360 Designers Cook Up Modular, Imaginary Kitchen

We usually don't post concept renders—and for good reason. They're usually stupid, and for that reason never, yknow, exist. But Astro's modular KitchenScape appliance set is quite the opposite: very clever, and worthy of existence! And highly attractive. » 5/11/11 5:30am 5/11/11 5:30am